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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-01-14 12:28:32
Author Roboclop
Title Close shave
Category got caught having sex
Where it happend college
Age then 17
Age now 59
Gender MALE
Viewed 182
Story Length 1323

(16 votes / 106 points)

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Close shave


I was away at college before my seventeenth birthday and the company I worked for insisted that you were in the college hostel until you were eighteen . I always felt it was a vain attempt to keep you out of the pub , the hostel had a ten thirty curfew . The local pub was half an hour’s walk away so it restricted the drinking time that we had . I couldn’t always be bothered , but on a Friday night the Church next door had a youth group disco for the sixteen to eighteen groups and we were all welcome . We were not well paid , so usually confined our underage drinking to a Saturday .

I had finished the weeks homework which was quite a workload , and sauntered next door , The girls tended to be very knees together and there was very little chance of getting into their knickers . The soft drinks , bottled cola and such were cheap and cold so it was a place to chill out to modern music and different people than the hostel . In saying that we tended to sit in groups and not mix too well with the locals , we although poorly paid well off compared to most of the local lads who were still at home , without wages as they attended college . This caused some resentment at times and there was more than one fight broke out between us and the local boys over it . They felt that with our advantages money , and prospects we could command a better interest from the local girls .

It was on one of these Friday nights that there were two of us sitting sipping a coke , and two local girls came over . They were sixteen , we trusted as this was a church youth club and the local kids were known to the priest . They seemed a bit immature and sort of felt that we must be the experienced lads about town . Their conversation was if anything a bit leading . The guy that I had gone with was getting a little pissed off at the girly high spirits , and growled a sort of put up or shut up challenge . We ended up some five minutes later by the boundary fence that separated the hostel and the church , standing by a fence . The snogging session seemed to last less than five minutes and I felt her getting my cock out , She unzipped her jeans and rubbed me against the nylon of her panties .
This was going a bit fast , and then I realised that the distinct smell about her was vodka , I am told that you cannot smell it but I always can . It appears that they were sat with a group of girls and playing truth or dare accepted the dare and it was to get laid , to lose their virginity . The easiest way to achieve this was to go with the wide experience of college lads who didn’t know them , who if it all went wrong wouldn’t spread and besmirch their reputation about the community g . So here we were faced with girls jeans sliding off their hips still in panties desperate to lose whatever they had in the way of Hymen .

I was pushing a hard cock against the straining nylon at her front . She had no concept that the entrance was between her legs , not at the top of her slit . I pulled the panties and the jeans to her ankles and eased her slightly lifted onto my cock , lowering her down , so she stood tiptoed impaled on a hard pork sword . I bent my knees and shafted that tight pussy for all I was worth . It didn’t seem to make a lot of difference , she had achieved her goal , and wasn’t much interested in anything else . It was the worst sex that I had endured up to then and there hasn’t been any less memorable since . I realised that as neither of us were prepared so pulled out and hit the first of three spurts of cum against her pubes which freaked her out . She mopped herself with a Kleenex from her jacket pocket . and said to her friend who seemed about as interested as she was in the act this is gross . She wiped , pulled up her panties and rushed her friend who was with John who worked for the same company as I did to get it over with . John was less considerate than I was and dumped the full load inside her . She considered this a gross act too , and disappeared , They ran off giggling finishing the Vodka . I looked to john , and said something like never mind busting her cherry , I have had better wanks . We now pissed off ended our first trip to the youth club not re-entering , but walking to the local pub in time to get two pints and back before the dreaded curfew . That turned out to be the wisest move .

We along with about a hundred and fifty others were stuffing the one breakfast , one egg , one bacon , one sausage , one toast and beans watered down . When Major Jones walked in with a couple of angry looking local men . Jones was a retired catering corps officer so a swell used to dealing with the excesses of young men .
Right Pay attention Jones bellowed , this man wants to know who was with his fourteen year old daughter last night , and with that produced the girls . I looked at John across the dining room . The girls walked around , but apparently arriving home pissed out of their brains got caught , their fathers about to set off to a night shift at the local dry docks wanted to know why they were firstly pissed and secondly were in a state of disarray , he wanted to know why their jeans were undone and they pissed confessed all . Shit I thought this is not good , my company would certainly sack me for this . I shifted nervously on the seat as the two girls , identified two guys sat together . similar build , similar the bigger guy had glasses on , the smaller guy a biggish nose , easy mistake , but they had identified the two guys who were on duty in the TV room and the Major had seen them there all through the evening .

He dismissed the men and their misanthropic daughters , as a pair of bloody troublemakers , and with the misidentification the angry parents slunk away , with the welsh accent of major Jones , marching them off the campus , echoing bloody trouble makers , Don’t get back here till you get your facts right , His voice with the strong South Wales accent was ringing out , not shouting but loud , telling of the man’s service as a Sergeant Major before accepting a commission at the catering training school at nearby Catterick . His moustache was bristling as he dismissed us at breakfasts end , like we were his troop , he continually muttered bloody cheek under his breath as the indignation of the accusers bit deep into his pride . I thought great , I never go there again ever . As I got to the door , he stopped me and grabbed John . You were the only two off campus last night , he said , although there was a back entrance that we used to avoid passing the window of his quarters , as he would sit at his desk and watch movements . Well ! he barked in that commanding voice , Pub ! Major Jones , we said . Landlord remember you being in there will he ? he barked , Well considering we downed about five pints of Newcastle exhibition in under an hour I guess he had had his eye on us , I thought . Yes Major , I replied . Good !! now get out of my sight , you lucky boys . He seemed to have smelt the fear that we both had , but despite being a miserable old sod , he had defended us magnificently , without knowing who we were .


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