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Story Info

Posting Date 2010-01-10 11:15:59
Author Lynridskinrid
Title What a bloody awful day
Category got caught masturbating
Where it happend home
Age then 25
Age now 25
Viewed 268
Story Length 1734

(11 votes / 85 points)

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What a bloody awful day


Some days start out bad and improve , some days start out bad and get worse . I had set out , bags packed for Gatwick Airport , Change of Flights meant a trip into London’s second Airport . I was ready to go and rang the British Airways desk after I reached the M25 Orbital Motorway to get a check that the flight was on time to find that Gatwick is shut , There is snow on the runway and nothing can take off or land . I have picked up two of my guys on e way , and decide to turn around and get them back home . I ring the office and they are rebooking the flights for next week . Don’t know when but next week . I drop the Team off , and go in to the office . By lunchtime everyone is deserting like lemmings looking for a cliff top , I decide I’ll join them so I manage to get home . The car’s 4 X 4 gearbox telling me that the ice underfoot isn’t a serious problem to an Audi Quattro , but I spent forever dodging around lunatics out on the ice for the first time in Nissan Micras and Citroen C1’s trying their Alpine driving skills .

I get in doors , and my feet are wet from walking to the outside of the garage and stepping into a slush puddle , to avoid a snowman so thoughtfully constructed by the neighbourhood children , right next to my Garage door . The black Giuseppe Zanotti satin court shoes with a silver stiletto are hardly the stuff of mountaineers , and they let my feet soak in the ice pool . As I walk indoors I kick them off and put the charcoal Jacket on a hanger . I walk to my bedroom , freezing cold , and press the button on the Mitsubishi air conditioning so it throws out a blast of warm air . I reach around my back and unbutton the skirt letting the zipper open , the skirt needs help to pass my hips but I soon on its hanger and in the wardrobe . I lay on the bed absorbing the heat , I have a new Caprice matching bra and briefs in a black sheer material , and am just unbuttoning a white cotton blouse . I always wear a tee shirt under the blouse , The white fruit of the loom cotton Tee , hides underwear and gives a white backing for the blouse . The Falke Black Pure Matt 50 denier hold-up stockings Are not cheap but they do wear well . Because my legs are a bit skinny in place some stockings look baggy I am happy to pay the price . The wet feet are drying fast .

I prop myself up on the pillows and look at my reflection in the panoramic mirror that tops the drawer units at the bottom of the bed . I am laying there thinking well I’d give her one if I was a bloke , despite looking thin . I can eat like a horse and never putt weight on . I expect that changes with children or a slower lifestyle . Lying there I get a sort of randy mood on and pull the thin panties to one side exposing me to myself . Just to add a naughty feeling , I open the lips and flash me a pink vaginal; smile . Well it looked hungry so I gave it a couple of fingers to chew . I don’t know if it’s me or the way I lie , I always feel bony there , It was getting wet though . It was very sexy watching in the mirror as my fingers plunged in and out . Like watching a good porn . I have watched porn but they seem to concentrate on Anal or Oral , and the scripts are if anything amusing . I slip the panties off and think how sexy my girly bits look in the hold ups , as I hold my legs right out . My fingers have found the rough patch of internal skin that carries so much excitement with it when rubbed . Both fingers were really wet now and being in a really horny mood , I licked them , it is a funny taste sort of musk and warm , if warm could ever be translated to a taste . I loosened the bra and pulled up the shirt , I had one hand working at tweaking nipples as the other plunged inside me . I bought my feet up towards me so I was really well apart in the thigh department and I had a fair view in the mirror but had to crane my neck a little .

Bleep-op Bleep -op . the bloody phone was ringing and I am near , Shit driest hand to the receiver . . Hello I panted . It was Anna the dreaded Eldest sister . She had been a lot nicer to me since a family pre Christmas row , where I had stood by her daughter Kaitlin , and she had warranted the aged parents coming out to sort her out . Mummy and Daddy are in their late sixties , and I didn’t call them without think out every other way first . Hi sis ., the voice said . That threw me , we were never that close . I am really ! really ! sorry , you know . I had had enough apologies from Anna to fill an industrial waste bin , and they were starting to annoy . I am taking Kaitlin shopping next week and wondered if we can stop overnight with you ? . I am away Anna , I said with full sincerity , but I’ll leave the keys and you can help yourselves , Kaitlin knows where everything is , I said , thinking that Kaitlin certainly knew where my bed was , as we had had fun here on our own in the past . Sorry I’ll miss you , I said genuinely , she was trying and I knew to go and greet her efforts was the right way .Kiss , Kiss , Bye , Bye , and the call was over . My right hand fingers were quite gooey now where the mucus had thickened . I needed relief even more now , and opened the sticky labia , put my fingers back in and started where I had finished , except with a chilly sticky tube . Sod the free show , I was chilling off despite the heat pump blowing warm air across me , so I slipped under the duvet .
Bleep-op bleep-op bleep-op ., The bloody phone again . I only answered it because it may be work related . I kept the fingers firmly in place this time and lifted the receiver . I don’t believe this it was my lunatic younger brother who only rings me about twice a year . The youngest brother , Justin , only 10 years my senior has a string of girlfriends , all seduced , satisfied and slung . He fancies himself as the great lover , He is actually more amicable than the elder bunch , because he , like me was one of Mummy’s afterthoughts . I did think about saying fuck off Justin I am having a wank , but he would probably have wanted to listen and narrate . Am I in Dubai next week , yes I am ! , Could he buy me dinner , yes he could , he would ring my mobile , bye sis , love you sis ,. Bye Justin , I answered thinking , I am busy ,bog off . I had kept things warm this time and the bits were wet and warm , it just needed the mood to return .
Bleep-op bleep-op bleep-op . This is stupid , it is Sunita this time wanting to know about the weather . Sunni , I am having a little self abuse here , bugger off I’ll ring you in half an hour , I said . No you won’t Pascal is visiting his mother in Marseilles . Right I am on the bed too we will do this together . We both switched to loudspeaker , and I could hear a rustling of clothes as she divested herself of jeans and panties , and shirt .

Put three fingers in her flawless BBC English voice said cracking over the phone . her parents had spent a fortune on elocution , so she didn’t have any trace of the Hindi accent picked up from her nearest and dearest . This left , thumb and little finger touching that softest of female flesh the inner thighs . Now pull on your nipples stretch those titties right out , twist the nipple , she said , I was Stretching and releasing my breasts , and bouncing my fingers in and out , I heard Oh God , Oh God , Oh God , as her voice quickened and I could hear the sloppy sound as her fingers plunged her body . She had the phone between her legs to share the noise with me . That was a huge turn on and I was soon making my own whimpers to join her . I lay there catching my breath , and she shouted , got o go , Pascal is on the mobile , I will call you tonight . I lay back getting myself organised and , yes it did
Bleep-op bleep-op bleep-op .I thought it was Sunita back again . But it was Mummy , You sound out of breath dear she said . My face coloured , I felt the blood flow ,as it warmed me . What are you doing to get so out of breath , she asked . I did think having an orgasm wasn’t the right answer , but being mummy I expect she would have said nice dear . Mummy I am just back in and I was going to get a shower . I needed it my right hand was smeared in mucus from my vagina , and there was a distinctive wetness between my legs . She was talking for ages and my labia were sticking together and freezing . General chit Chat , how nice that Anna And Kaitlin were getting on etc .Had I heard from my uncle , next door , had I got enough clothes for Dubai , it can get cold at night you know ! . By the end of her call I was yawning and it was some four hours later I woke still in bed wearing hold-ups and bra , tee-shirt still lifted . I got up and took a shower . My laptop was still in the bag , so I walked to my uncles flat across the hallway , and switched his on , I did e-mails etc , and got back indoors . The phone chirruped again , Sunita , how about a Skype link , she said , but shattered I declined , Night , Night Sunni !!! I said and took the shower !


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