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Story Info

Posting Date 2009-12-28 20:06:55
Author greenhornet410
Title Dinningroom
Category slept with my boss/teacher/colleque
Where it happend Conference Center
Age then 32
Age now 41
Gender MALE
Viewed 127
Story Length 2681

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I worked a couple of years as the evening dinning room Manager at a larger conference center. when I first came on board i was told we were short staffed that i needed to get about 4 or 5 move servers quickly. I had the Temp Agency advertise at the local colleges which had positive effects. with in 5 days I had my pick of 25 girls.

Most of the girls were sorority girls. I got the OK to hire 7 girls after the interviews i picked out 7 girls that were not the super hot type they were more of the hard up desperate type. Things were going really good I was flirting with all of the waitress and they flirted back. We had a client that that bought out the entire center 300 guest we were busy. The first night after the dining room was cleaned up two of the waitress Becky and Amy were helping me with the bar. Working at the bar requires a drink while doing so.

I dropped a large shot in Amy’s beer. It was getting late and i could see amy was feeling pretty good slightly slurring her words. We were done cleaning up and Becky said she had to go hugged Amy and left I offered Amy another beer which she said yes to. I drooped another shot into and we sat and talked she thanked me for giving her the job because she needed the money. we sat in a circular bench i offered to rub her feet which she readily agreed to. As i rubbed her feet she fell back caught up in the moment. I slowly moved up her led and before she knew it I was gently rubbing her snatch. Amy let out slight moans. I opened the fly and was playing with her underwear.

I asked Amy If she would like to go to the fitness center and go into the Sauna. Amy jumped up and off we went to the sauna. Being the only management in the evening I had keys to everything so my plan was to lock the doors to the locker rooms so we wont be disturbed. Amy came out of the locker room in only a towel. we walked into the sauna and cranked it up. I excused myself and went and locked all the doors. As i reentered the Sauna Amy was laying on her back wrapped in her towel. I dumped a cup of H2O on the rocks and the steam erupted from the rocks. In a short time we were dripping with sweat.

Amy sat up dropped her towel and just blurted out are we going to fuck or what. Bam thats all i needed. I dropped my towel and went over got on my knees and started to eat Amy out. She let out a loud moan and i could feel her shake so i knew she had an orgasm. I then put amy on her back spread her leg and just rammed my dick into her. Holly crap she was wet we were fucking for about 5 minutes when i felt my nut coming on I pulled out and I jammed 2 fingers in her snatch and pumped them in and out. I stuck in a third finger and got it nice and wet. i then rammed the third finger in her ass. Holy crap she yelled and begged me to pull it out.

I flipped Amy over pulled her ass up in the air and pushed my dick back in her super wet snatch. I continued the assault on Amy when i rammed a finger back in her ass. Amy started to cry pleading for me to remove my finger. I worked both holes and i got the wicked idea to assault her tight ass. I started to work her ass more I put a second finger in and was using spit to lube her up getting ready to accidently slip from her cunt to her ass. In one move i pulled out of her snatch and rammed my dick right up her ass. When i did that holy crap she screamed and tears poured down her face due to the fame but holy crap was her ass tight.

I lasted for about a minuet and then i flooded her ass with a load the whole time she was crying for me to get out of her ass. I waited for a few seconds and slowly let my dick slip out of her ass. Amy sat up and asked why i fucked her ass. I told her it looked so good I could not resist. I told her I was sorry and that i would not do it again. we sat in the sauna for another half hour and Amy said that she wanted to go home. I asked her if she wanted to go back to my house. she paused for a few seconds and said that if i offered this weekend that she would take me up on the offer but she has class in the morning.

After we got dressed we walked out to the parking lot and i gave Amy a long kiss feeling up her tits. she pulled away telling me to stop because she had to go. I pulled her closer and started to rub her snatch through her pants. She let out a little moan. I knew i was going to bang her one more time tonight. I started to kiss her and grind our crotches together. I unhooked her pants and let them fall to the ground I actually ripped her Panties off bent her over the hood of dropped my pants and rammed my dick right up her snatch. As i was fucking her and listening to Amy moan she told me not to cum in her that she was not on anything. I continued the assault when i looked over to one of the guest room balconies and and i could see two women watch amy and I fuck I could feel myself getting ready to cum. I remember what Amy said and quickly dismissed the idea to pull out.

My nuts tightened up and i started to pump a fresh load of cum into Amy. when i was done and pulled out I turned amy around and made her clean my dick off. Amy stood up and asked why i came in her. I told her that i was caught up in the moment and i told her i was sorry. she pulled up her pants got in her car and left. I looked up and the 2 women that were watching clapped and gave my thumbs up.

That evening at work Amy was scheduled off so I was thinking who i could fuck tonight. Dawn was a small flat chested women she always flirted back with me but she was engaged and i did not think she was game. As the night went along Amy called and asked if the offer to stay at my place tonight was still good. I told her that i was not getting out of here till 2 or 3 and that i would call her when i was close to leaving. I hung up the phone and walked into my office and was doing paperwork when Dawn walked in with a smile i asked dawn what’s up and she asked how Amy is doing.

I replied with “ ok i guess” she got an evil smile on her face walked over to my desk pull something out of her pocket and dropped it on my desk. I picked it up and saw it was her thong. I put it up to my face and could smell that she had been wearing them. When i got done in my off dinner was just starting and i gave out Table assignment and winked at Dawn. At one point I watched Dawn walk toward the bathrooms I followed her as she approached the door she turned and looked at me and smiled as she entered the women’s room. I look around and slipped in right behind her she was standing at the mirror fixing her eye liner i got behind her wrapped my hands around her and grabbed her tits. I could feel that she had no bra on.

I then dropped my hands down her pants and started to finger her clit. I pulled my hand out and let her lick it clean then walked out of the bathroom. as the dinner crowed was finishing up I took a phone order for a meal to be delivered to a guests room. When the order was ready i Had dawn take the order to the guest room. As she walked away I was watching her ass wiggle more the normal. I got the bright Idea to go to the bar which just happened to be near where Dawn was delivering the meal. As i was walking past the guest rooms i saw one with the door propped open I knocked and when there was no answer i walked in the room had been slept in, one bed was messed up but there was no sign of any personal items. An evil thought raced through my head. I walked back to the door and waited for Dawn to come down the hall. As Dawn approached i got ready.

I pushed open the door grabbed Dawn and pulled her into the room and pushed her down on the bed. I pulled off her pants dropped mine spread her legs and just rammed my cock into her cunt. we fucked like animals all passion no love just raw lust. I did not last very long when i shot a load into Dawn. I pulled up my pants and walked out of the room. A few minutes later Dawn walked back into the dinning room and gave me a smile and the finger. I kinda knew why she flipped me off. because I got off and she did not. as dessert was going out I went down to a reception area to set up for an open bar reception later that night. while setting up Dawn came down and asked if i needed any help. We finished up. I then had to go the the Executive house to set up a bar there.

I asked Dawn to finnish up in the dinning room and then she needs to go to the bar and help out down there. I set up the next bar and preped the kitchen for breakfast for tomorrow. it was getting close to midnight and i went and checked on both receptions. I then went to the main bar to see what was going on there. Dawn was serving drinks and making good tips she looked up at me and mouthed “ I want to fuck” and I mouthed back “we did “ I laughed and walked out of the bar. I was in my office and Dawn walked in and closed the door. she dropped her pants and told me she needed to cum. She then locked my door sat on my desk spread her leg and told me to eat the cum out of her snatch. I told her it would be a cold day in hell before i would do that. She then picked up the phone called the front desk and asked for the GM’s phone number that there was a problem. I slammed the phone down and drooped to my knees and started to lick the cum out of her snatch.

I have never been one to shy away from licking a well fucked cunt. it wasn’t long before her body was rocked by an orgasm. I then dropped my pants and fucked Dawn right on my desk. I was soon shooting a fresh load of cum in her cunt. We both got dressed and dawn Asked if i was a better fuck then Amy. I told her that that would be comparing Apples and Oranges. Dawn told me that If we keep this a secret we can fuck anytime. I shot back that I don’t keep secrets how do you think people found out about Amy. Dawn got pissed and walked away at around 2:30 I called Amy. I could tell that she was asleep when i called. She asked if she could come over I told her that i was going to go clean up from the receptions and that I wanted to fuck Dawn one more time before i left. There was a long patch of Silence and she said ok well I would see you at work tomorrow.

I told Amy how to get to my house where there was a spare key and that i want her laying in my bed naked and there was a dildo and KY in the night stand that she should get it in her ass before i get there that her job depends on it and hung up. I went back to the bar and pulled Dawn out and told her to follow me. she promptly told me to fuck off. I then told her that i would have to get on the phone to her future husband and tell him that tonight you fucked me and a guest. Dawn looked like she saw a ghost and asked how did i know. I told her that I ate her snatch and there was no way i deposited that much cum in her snach. We went back to the empty room i dropped her pants bent her over and in short time i was flooding her cunt with another load of cum. We got dressed and told Dawn that i was going to fuck Amy now.

On the drive home i called my house and when the machine picked up i told Amy to pick up the phone. I heard a click and i heard Amy’s voice and it sounded like she was crying. I asked Amy if she found the dildo and if she got it in her ass She told me she did and it’s in. I told Amy that AI would be home in about 10 minutes. I pulled up in front of the house to see no lights on. As i entered the house I was dropping my clothes as i was walking into my room. Amy was on her hands and knees there are tears dripping down her face. I told Amy that i needed my dick cleaned up that i want her to suck me off. after a few minutes i was good and hard so i turned Amy around spit on my cock and plunged into her cunt. we were fucking for about and i started to pump the dildo in her ass I felt a strong orgasm rock her body which caused me to shoot off in her cunt.

I then pulled the dildo out of her ass told her that i had to get to bed that she could let herself out. Amy started to cry “ thought I was going to sleep here tonight. I told here fine but try not to make this a habit. I got under the covers and fell right to sleep. I got up in the middle of the night to pee and Amy’s clothes were on the chair i grabbed them and threw them in a closet. When I woke in the morning amy was still asleep I went downstairs made coffee and turned on the TV about an hour latter Amy came down stairs in my shirt. I told her to take off the shirt I offered her some coffee and told here that she would need to leave soon. She asked where her cloths were i told her that i had not seen them but you can wear my shirt home. I went up to shower and i heard the front door close.


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