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Story Info

Posting Date 2009-11-10 21:27:23
Author Friend To The Stars
Title R and J had their way with us!
Category tried bizar sex
Where it happend Limo and house
Age then 21
Age now 35
Viewed 348
Story Length 1660

(22 votes / 125 points)

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R and J had their way with us!


Hi this is a story about the time my friend Lorie and I met up with two hot Hollywood Stars. I wont mention their names but I will state their first initial.

Lorie and I love hanging out with stars both male and female. We love the attention the reign upon us and it makes us feel good when we can shine in their lights for a while. Well one night we met up with R and J at a club. We had never hung out with them before and thought why not? They were both very handsome men and I wouldn't mind necking with them for a while. We danced and drank at the club for hours. We even had some make out sessions switching guys up to see which ones we liked the most. I couldn't make up my mind. They were both excellent kissers. Eventually we made our way to their waiting limo and we all got in. R told the driver to, "Just drive."

So we drove around in the back of the stretch limo making out with these sexy men letting them touch us and feel upon our curves. We were giddy from the booze we drank. We laughed and said things that we probably would have never said had we been sober. R smiled and asked me to show him my tits. "No fucking way!" I told him. I was going ot play hard to get.

Lorie laughed and said, "Show him your goodies baby!"
"No way!" I laughed again.
R reached over and squeezed my boob hard and I let out a moan of pain. "Easy now!" I moaned.
"Take down your dress and show me your fucking titties!" He demanded and J laughed and added, "Yeah show us what you have hidden under that dress!"
When I refused, Lorie giggled and said, "Is this what you boys want to see?"

She raised up her dress and took it off. She had on no under garments and the guys were drooling as they groped her. She leaned back as she let their hands roam her tit and cunt. I was amazed that she would give i so easily but hey, she was drunk. J was sucking on one of her tits and R was sucking on the other. I watched as fingers dug up inside of her cunt making her moan with pleasure. There she sat with her legs spread wide as these two stars were fingering her holes and sucking on her tits. They were not satisfied though. R turned to me and demanded that I get naked. "Maybe soon."
"Now or else."
I giggled, "Or else what?"
"Or else we will make you."
I laughed hard thinking that he was joking but the look on his face told me that he wasn't joking at all.
He came to me and grabbed me by the throat and told J, "Take her dress off of her."

J grabs my dress and yanks it off of me in one pull while R had me under his control by my neck. I felt exposed, I felt giddy, I felt excited. They were so forceful as they pinned me down to the seat. R had me by the neck with one hand and his other hand held down my hands by the wrist. J was licking my cunt and I was getting really wet. Time and time again he slapped my cunt making me rev up and scream out. Lorie laughed as she played with herself as she watched them force me. I felt J's fingers go deep inside of me and push hard. Soon all four were up inside of my cunt stretching me making me wetter by the second as my cunt throbbed. I moaned and soon R had his thick cock in my mouth making me suck it. J was now fucking me hard pounding my cunt with his cock making me so wet. Lori was now holding my wrist so that I could not move. R pounded his cock in and out of my throat. I felt his sperm draining from his cock and he pulled out and held my nose and mouth with his hand. "Swallow every bit of it you fucking cunt!"

I swallowed it just as I felt J squirt his hot juice deep inside of my throbbing wet fuck hole. He pulled out of me and slid me off of the seat halfway so that my legs were hanging off the side. R took over and started pounding my cunt as J started pounding Lorie's tight asshole. Listening to her moan made me want to be fucked in my asshole too! "Fuck my asshole!" I begged R. He flipped me over and shoved his cock into my asshole and pounded me with no mercy! He was so big and he was stretching my asshole to it's limits! I screamed out and begged him to stop but he only laughed and said, "You wanted it and now you are going to get it you filthy whore!"

He grabbed my hair and yanked it hard as his cock went in deeper. I felt him let his load out in my asshole. It was hot and sticky. He pulled out and took the beer bottle and shoved it into my cunt. "You like that? Huh? You like being treated liker this?"
"Fuck yeah baby! Fuck my cunt with that bottle!"
Soon he had the whole bottle in with about an inch sticking out. J and Lorie watched as he pulled it in and out making me moan. When he took it completely out he make me suck on it for a moment. It turned him on to watch me sucking.

After they were through fucking every hole we had they asked if we wanted to go back to their place. We said sure.
Lorie ended up going to J's house and I went to R's house.
Walking up his stairs about killed me! I was sore both front and back. Just walking made me ache! When we got into his house he told me to get naked. I didn't know how much I could take. I was already sore! When I told him this he laughed and said, "I am not going to fuck you anymore just get naked and lay on the floor. I did as he told and I closed my eyes for a moment thinking of what he could want me in this position for. My legs were spread wide as I was trying to relieve my cunt of the soreness.

Suddenly I felt a tongue licking my cunt. It felt so good! I opened my eyes to find a huge black Lab licking my cunt! I was shocked and did not know what to do. I had never doen this with a dog before! R came to me and got at the head of me and pulled my legs up so that they were resting on my chest. He had me pinned down that way and I could not move at all. He dog licked my cunt and soon I was throbbing. I then felt him poke at my cunt with his dog cock. After a few tries he got it in. He was fucking me fast, more fast than a human ever has! I felt my cunt throbbing as I felt his dog cock stretch and grow inside of my cunt! I screamed out as I had an orgasm and his dog cum filled my already cummed in cunt. He came so much that it over flowed and was running out of my hole! He then licked me clean sending me into yet another orgasm! "Get up and suck his dick bitch!" R demanded.
I reached over and touched his dog cock with my lips and the dog let out a moan. The dog laid down and I sucked him faster sending him cumming and I drank it all up!

Soon I was on all fours like my new dog lover and the dog was licking my asshole and cunt from behind. Then he pushed his dog cock into my asshole and pounded me hard as waves of excitement flowed through me. I was having another orgasm and this time I was shaking and squirting all over the place! R got below me and sucked on my nipples as the dog fucked me harder. I felt something stretch me making me ache. I screamed out as I shook harder and pissed all over the place. The dog could not pull out of me and I sat there on all fours waiting for him to unswell so that he can pull out of me. R however got below me and shoved his cock into my cunt.

This made me scream out! My screams did not last long because as R pushed his cock it pushed on the dogs and they both started banging both of my holes at once! I had never felt anything like this before! I was shaking something wild now and moaning out with pleasure like some kind of street whore begging to be cummed in! "Oh god!" I screamed as I was being stretched wide on both ends. I felt my piss start to flow again as R banged my cunt hole hard.

I felt the dog shoot lots of his cum into my asshole yet again and it over flowed and I could feel it gushing out of me. R came again just as the dog pulled out of my asshole. After R pulled out of me I collapse in the floor from exhaustion. I lay there on my belly with my legs spread. I was in such pain from being stretched so much. I could not move. I passed out finally and when I woke up I was still on the floor.


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