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Story Info

Posting Date 2009-11-10 21:25:37
Author robjw
Title I apid for sex with a bottle of whiskey
Category paid for sex or got paid to have sex
Where it happend London, England
Age then 19
Age now 58
Gender MALE
Viewed 118
Story Length 1593

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I apid for sex with a bottle of whiskey


The first time that I paid for sex it cost me a bottle of whiskey ! Here is how it happened.

In the late 1960’s when I was 18 or 19 I went to a college in east London, sent there by the shipping company I worked for to do a 6 month course. Like most of us at that age I would spend as much time as my bank account allowed in pubs and discos and at parties. If we couldn’t pick up a girl we would get drunk instead.

On this particular night I was at a pub in the East End with a group of friends. We had had a few drinks but I was not drunk. We tried our luck with a group of girls sitting in the corner but they were not interested. I noticed an older woman across the other side of the pub who seemed to be eyeing me a lot. She was I guessed in her mid-50’s. She had dyed reddish hair and bright red lipstick, I couldn’t see her figure as she was sitting down. My friends were taking the micky out of me, going on about how only grannies fancied me etc etc.

However the more I looked at her the more I fancied her. OK she was pretty heavily made up and I realised she probably didn’t look so good close up . But when she got up to go the loo I could see that she had a pretty good figure, a little heavy around the waist maybe, but a good looking pair of breasts, large and rounded. I had long had a fantasy of having sex with an older woman, and she really didn’t look too bad from where I was. The more I thought about it the hornier I got. So when my friends said they were going on to another place I said I would stay a while and try my luck here.

My friends left after giving me my fair share of banter. The woman had noticed them leaving and she looked across at me more directly this time. I looked her up and down in a fairly obvious way and then met her eyes and smiled at her. She smiled and raised her glass at me. I crossed the room and asked if I could get her a drink. She said no, she was fine but I could sit down and talk with her if I liked. At this point her friend ( female) got up and said she had to go, knowing I think, where this was going.
We chatted for while, but I felt from the start that the connection had been made and we were just going through the motions of sociability. It was noisy and we leaned close to each other to talk, our thighs touching. After a while she put her hand on my leg and said how about going somewhere quieter. I said “Great, any suggestions ?”. She said how about back to my place. I said “Great !”.
We left the pub and walked down the street, she said her place was only 5 minutes away. After a couple of minutes we stepped into the doorway of a closed shop. She flung her arms around me, pressed herself against me and we kissed. We kissed for a while our hands running over each others bodies, her large breasts pressing against my chest, her slightly plump belly pressing against my crotch and my, by now, hard cock. I didn’t care how old she was, she was turning me on like crazy.
When we stopped to draw breath she said she had something to tell me. I thought Uh oh ! Is she a prostitute, is she a transvestite ? She told me she wanted me to stay the night with her but her husband was at the house. I drew back and thought “ Hey this is not so great after all”. But she continued to tell me that he was much older than her, seventy she said, and was a drunk. He had not been able to have sex with her for several years and they had an agreement that she could seek it elsewhere. She said all I would have to do is buy him a bottle of whiskey and he won’t care what we are doing.I still wasn’t keen on the idea but she embraced me and kissed me again, rubbing herself against me and by that time I was too far gone to care about any complications.
We went into an off-licence and I bought the bottle of whiskey and a couple of minutes later we arrived at her house, a simple terraced house in a narrow street full of similar houses. She let us in and told me to wait in the hallway. She went into the living room on the right where I could see a man sitting watching television. It seemed like he had been drinking a lot already as his speech was really slurred when he spoke to her. She gave him the whiskey , said a few words to him and came out closing the door behind her. It felt pretty weird I can tell you, and I almost felt a bit sorry for the guy, but not sorry enough to leave !

I followed Sandra ( that was her name ) upstairs and into her bedroom . We embraced and kissed some more but by this time we were both eager to get onto the main course. She said to get undressed while she went to the bathroom. When she returned she was wearing only a silky dressing gown. I was naked and stood up and opened her dressing gown and let it slip off her shoulders. I think she was a bit uncertain about me seeing her naked, maybe thought I wouldn’t like what I saw. But I did ! Her breasts were magnificent – heavy and full, a bit of a sag to them but still a lot of firmness too. Her aureoles were large and brown, her nipples brown, protruberent, nuggety. I ran my hands up her body and cupped both her breasts, lifting them , enjoying the weight of them in my hands, soft, heavy, wonderful ! Her nipples hardened as I caressed them and I bent to suck them . After a bit of this we tumbled into bed and within a few moments I was on top of her, my cock finally, at last, slipping into her welcoming cunt. It felt divine – hot and wet, encompassing my cock like it was made just for me. We started to fuck enthusiastically , both working rapidly towards orgasm.

Suddenly I heard a noise – the husband was in the room ! Oh shit I thought what is he going to do. He came to the bed and grabbed a spare pillow and said in a slurry kind of way that if he can’t have his own bed he can at least have his own fucking pillow. I didn’t know what to do – I mean what is the etiquette when a guy sees you fucking his wife ( even by agreement) . Should I just carry on, should I get off her, should I invite him to join us ? In the end I just lay there on top of her, waiting for him to go away . Sandra asked him what the hell he was doing and said to me not too worry, he’s harmless. He wandered over to the other side of the room and rummaged in the wardrobe , for a blanket I think. Sandra started to kiss me and started moving herself against me, so we were soon fucking again regardless. After a minute or two he left the room. Sandra yelled over my shoulder for him to close the door which he did. We both giggled and starting fucking in earnest again and very soon both came.

We fucked again sometime in the middle of the night and again in the morning when she dived under the covers and sucked me until I was ready to fuck her again. I left at about 9 o’clock, sneaking past the living room door where I could hear the husband snoring, sleeping off his whiskey binge I guess. She gave me her telephone number and said we could do it again, I should just call her . However it would have to be the same deal – a bottle of whiskey for the old man.

Sex with her had been great, better than with most of the girls my own age who I had been with before, even though their bodies were so perfect. The problem was that whiskey cost a lot in those days especially as my wages were low as I was a trainee. Still I saw her every two or three weeks until the course finished and I had to leave London. I suggested she came to my room ( in a house I shared with some students ) but she said it had to be at her house and I had to buy the whiskey, which I didn’t really understand . I asked if she was seeing anyone else and she said that apart from the odd one night stand there was a guy her age who lived in the next street who saw her once a week. It was all a bit strange but truly the sex was fantastic and I only regretted that I couldn’t have seen her more often.


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