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Story Info

Posting Date 2009-09-28 08:52:10
Author Lynridskinrid
Title Saturday brings a bastard
Category tried Sado/Masochism
Where it happend at home
Age then 25
Age now 25
Viewed 111
Story Length 2269

(6 votes / 39 points)

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Saturday brings a bastard


Well it was Saturday morning , Weeks work done this week and I lay in bed looking at the little tents that my erect nipples were pushing out of my tee shirt . I pinched them and thought what the hell , and lifted my tee shirt up to admire how hard they had got all on their own . Hello girls I said and twisted then a little . I slung the shirt off and pulled hard on them both , I liked stretching my assets . I pulled to see if I could self lick but I could never reach , I had seen an old porn movie years ago where the woman sucked at her own teats and the thought was always a turn on to me , but alas my little mounds kept them girlies firmly out of the reach of my mouth . Still why waste the moment , I pulled my panties to the side and looking into the mirrored doors at the wardrobes fitted to the wall opposite my bed , started a little porn show of my own .

I was too far to get a decent view , so slid to the foot of the bed and watched myself as I beat that loose pink flesh into a swollen hot mound , wet with my pussy juice , needing a quick answer to my morning randy feelings . It didn’t take long and I got three fingers in with my thumb on my clit pressing hard , I didn’t want it to stop , but there is a point where your brain stops the hand and you lay there until normal breathing returns .My fingers were sticky with white mucus and my slit glowing and soaked , fuck that was good I said as I headed for the shower , clothes dutifully slung in washing machine , just like mamma taught me , I was thinking how parents actually programme their kids.

I have never been back into my uncle’s apartment without my bra on since my mother’s warning , not that I think for one minute that he sight of my erect pink little rubbers poking my tee shirt outwards , would induce him to grabbing me flipping me on my back and raping me . The warning in mothers , don’t argue with ME!! Young lady voice meant that I obeyed without question . I had when younger tried questioning these unequivocal orders, but it had always meant that I lost , and hurt afterwards , as a smack was mother’s trump card .I stood in the hallway looking at the full length mirror , thinking well I would shag me given a chance especially now I have put about five pounds on and lost that bony look in places .I do get fascinated by myself in teh mirror and found me watching as I restarted tweaking my tits . I must stop this I thought I am turning into a weekend wanker . Then for some odd reason I tried to think where I am in life 25 , single , and no relationship in sight , I must be getting broody , was I due a visit from my monthly anger friend , who seemed to sharpen my mind with the odd stomach cramp and hormone induced lack of tolerance of fools .
I showered and pointed the jet stream right on target but I couldn’t get myself turned on again , if I was a ceiling lamp my bulb had blown today . I started to dress , big pants jeans , thong sandles , sport bra , and a new clingy black satin top . I looked again the mirror and reconfirmed the I would shag me thought .

I must get the kinky thoughts out of my life . Having pathetic men and women take a punishment or wank off in their silly hands before licking every drop of their translucent man juice , interspaced with those tadpoles of manhood that were so dangerous to a passing fertile pussy wasn’t me ,. It was an experiment that must stop . I switched on the Dell laptop its pink outer case buzzing with feminity that more than one male at work had made a comment on hey you turning into a girl . I am aggressive I have to be its my job , I do a lot of work with the fraud section , and when a company is wound up there is a need for what is titled a forensic accountant ,. I am good , I don’t find them all but I have a good ratio . Has my manly job given me a masculine air , Saturday and I was self analysing again .Well I had resolved to stop the Dominant games , they were just making me confused . I needed to understand me better and I wasn’t getting the answers .

I thought coffee , that’s the answer feed the brain on caffeine and let it loose . I went to the kitchen found the coffee , put the kettle on , took the milk from the fridge and the translucent bottle showed lumps in the yellowing contents . I looked and it was almost a week past it’s best before date . Only one answer , the old fart next door , Hi Uncle I chirruped as he bleary eyed opened his door , want the pretty young niece next door to make you your morning coffee ? i asked . He had a small balcony and I set the two cups out on the table , the morning sun was warming the air .

What woke you up ? he asked , get up early to throw a bloke out so I couldn’t send my favourite sister proof of your lost virginity . I bet she believes that too , i laughed . No sex before marriage or you will grow spots I thing was a motto at the time . I thought my acne was all the proof she needed on more than one occasion . My mum probably only had sex to procreate , and if she enjoyed it I bet she never told dad . I can imagine her , put it in and get it over with !.. Her hang ups are probably what causes me difficulties in relationships . That and the fact that I have seen so many women fail because they have gone silly and shagged someone at the office , blowing not only dick but their chances . I date no one I work with or for , no one I come into contact with through work at all and in the four years in this job no one night stands . I never get past the third date , and the rule I made is first date goodnight kiss , no tongues . Second , snog no feelies ! third tits over the top only , fourth date , welI I haven’t got that far for years , so it doesn’t matter that I loosen up a little on that one . It shows how many blokes just want their leg over , and your name on their list of girls who have fallen for their infinite charms . So I am a bit of a wanker with odd sexual kinks , doesn’t matter really , except the kinks do take my mind off the straight and narrow path . I had enjoyed dishing out the pain ,. But still puzzled over why someone could enjoy getting hurt . It bothered me a little , what did the silly prats get out of it .
Turning to the rapidly cooling coffee , listening to the morning traffic thirty feet below , I thought , like the modern examination papers that the question was , Woman likes pain it turns her on , Discuss ?

Right now was the hour , What do you know about BDSM Uncle ? . I asked with the greatest degree of innocence that I could find . Why , been tied up and thrashed , he said , laughing like a demented hyena . No but I want to know what turns Masochists on ! , I could see that sense on a Saturday morning here was a scarce commodity . He might be an old frt of an engineer but he had an expansive knowledge on a variety of Subjects . No ! he exclaimed you as your Mother’s daughter probably have a guy chained up in your flat and wired to the mains ! . Very Funny ! I countered , did mum do that to you when you was her baby brother then . No he replied , only because she couldn’t remember where the chains were .

We debated the subject well into the second cup , and I got the whole picture about severe pain gives an endorphin release and that is a true turn on ! Want me to get a whip and show you he said , You can**** right off to I replied !. My mind was in overdrive and I was getting a little moist in the labia as I thought about that endorphin rush . So you are saying If you reach a pain level then orgasm could follow , I was asking but I knew from Kirsty that this was true . Want to try it he so generously offered ?
. Well the turn on was there , and my answer was might . This was a dangerous situation , because in Mother’s eyes , niece or not he would shag me without compassion given half the chance !. If you think that you are getting anywhere near my pussy you can think again I shoved away the innuendos that he had left in the air . I don’t do old men , especially grumpy ones , with my mother’s phone number to report me too .

As though I would do such a thing to my favourite sisters little baby , he mocked at me , but I could take that , I just didn’t want to compromise myself . I knew that I was safe ., If mum for one moment thought the old rascal had any carnal knowledge of me , I am sure she would chop his balls off with a hatchet .
So what are you offering , I asked with a tease . I bend you over my knee and give your backside a severe spanking , for which you are eternally grateful , you run into your hovel and test the theory on endorphins concentrating your orgasm . Oh Yes and I lock the door as I go through it or I open my eyes to a dirty old man as an audience too . I said . Hang on I thought , I have just agreed this and now I am negotiating the details .
No repeats ever , no reporting this to the aged parent , no trying to stick a finger in any available spaces , We were negotiating a severe arse slapping for me ! .

I sat there as each detail unfolded , nodding them through as we settled each point . Well teh detail and the immediate memory loss after the deed were done were agreed . When , I asked like booking an appointment at the dentist , and the unexpected answer was him pulling me over his knee and fiddling with the fastening of my jeans , as the button fell undone the zip came down ,and he stood me partially up , holding my arms to stop me falling . The old bastard has done this before I thought as his left hand gripped my wrists together and his right hand pulled my embarrassingly large panties to my knees . Hey stripping me wasn’t part of the deal , but before I could protest I was back in place , and an unmerciful blow landed on my left cheek . Wow , no warm up straight in for the kill her I thought , Count it and thank me he demanded and feeling Helpless I heard my voice squeakier than usual going one thank you . As I said it the second followed and at each thank you the next till I went six thank you , and then as that cheek started to intensify what seemed like a burning sensation to me , the other cheek took the next six , My arse was glowing like it was on fire . My wrists were still clamped in his hands and my legs were slightly apart and off the floor . I realised that from how I lay that bastard had a perfect view of my vagina , which was never my intention. Feel wet and randy he asked , “Fuck off !” was my only answer and as gratitude for letting the old fart have a nice spanking session with his pretty young niece , I got six more on each cheek , no counting , no thank you this time just slap , slap , slap . It hurts !!! I said , and the old git stuffed a single finger right up me , Dirty old bastard , I thought , but wrists locked , I wasn’t going to provoke more action . Wet too he mocked as he bought me to my feet . Well run off and give it all a go , he said to pour on the humiliation , as I left his Apartment and dashed across to my home , putting the safety chain on the door , I laid back on the bed and took my friendly little rabbit for a tour of my wet sticky girl tube . It wasn’t the best I ever did , nor the most intense ,so I settled for a sore smacked arse wasn’t an inducement for me to try my subservient side . I didn’t get the expected endorphin rush , but I expect he got a thrill out of it the old bastard .

It actually took three days for the red marks to disappear . After an hour I went back for the coffee follow up , but refused to answer questions . My decision that there was to be no follow up EVER !!! gave away my feelings though . I did point out that I didn’t appreciate the wetness test either , and that he owed me big style for that . No turn on , sore arse , but a happy uncle . BASTARD !!!!


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