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Story Info

Posting Date 2009-09-12 09:40:44
Author shrashagain
Title Tropical
Category cheated on my partner
Where it happend Bangkok
Age then 27
Age now 27
Viewed 596
Story Length 2056

(29 votes / 276 points)

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She was a beautiful young married woman, in Thailand for the first time. The smell, the wet and humid stickiness of the tropics was something she was not accustomed to. The plane from the US was late arriving and she was worried that in the heavy traffic she might get lost, the directions hard to follow.

Robert had an apartment there. She had never met him, but her husband knew him well enough that she was able to stay there for the three days while he was gone. Robert worked with the oil companies servicing the rigs offshore. He was rarely there.

Her husband Bob had been in Burma for three months. She hadn't seen him since September and looked forward to him being with her. She had thought about him a lot, wondering if he might be cheating on her with those cute little Burmese girls she'd seen in the brochures. Their massage parlours were infamous, two girls one time. The incense, the smell of opium, and as their customers would fall asleep they'd wake again to feel the girl on top of them, completely naked, their tiny tits, their hairy little pussys rubbing up against their cocks. Rarely could a man resist! She'd of them and wondered if he'd been there, if his cock had been massaged, and if he'd fucked them?

She was horny, anxious for the fucks that she would have with him that first night back together. The cab driver took her bags. He said he knew where they were going and drove through the crowded streets, the elephants, the chickens and pungent smell of food and garbage with the heat.

A young Thai girl who lived in the apartment next door had the key. She was the maid, and took care of things while Robert wasn't there. She was surprised to find there was no air-conditioning in the apartment, just a fan, an enormous spinning contraption that hung from the ceiling keeping the place somewhat cooler than it was outside. The girl said she would get some food for her and would be back. She was alone at last, away from all the pushing crowds. She showered and then lay naked on the bed and waited for the maid, trying as best she could to keep cool.

She heard the door, and thought it was the maid. She gasped! He stopped. It was her husband’s friend, the one who owned the apartment. His arrival was unexpected! He told her he was sorry. He said that he'd come back, but she said it was okay. He had seen her nakedness already. It really didn't matter.

He went straight in to take a shower. He was dirty, having travelled there directly from the rigs. He was a rough and weathered looking individual. She was mesmerized, perhaps aroused by his appearance, his ruggedness and handsome looks. She thought of him as he was in there, his naked body underneath the shower. Her finger teased the part inside her cunt. It made her horny. Her husband was in Burma still and he was here. Her full time job of working for a modelling agency in New York had kept her conscious of her figure. She was thin, her breasts not large, but yet not small. She'd fucked a lot when she was young but never cheated once since she'd been married.

He thought of her as he stood in the shower. He'd seen the ball of fur upon her cunt, the bulge between her thighs as she lay naked. He washed his cock and rubbed it with the soap. He was aroused; her tits the nicest he had seen!

He dried himself and went back out. She hadn't moved, still naked on his bed beneath the fan. She smiled as he walked back out toward the closet, her legs sufficiently apart for him to see it. She saw his cock. She hadn't had a fuck in three long months and she was horny. He was handsome, really sexy, and his cock was somewhat larger than she thought, and she wondered if he teased it with the soap when he had showered? She was right.

He looked at her. She smiled. He hadn't tried to hide his cock. She opened up her thighs and raised her knees for him to see her, the see the wetness in between as her fingers spread the lips apart to let him see the hole, the sex, the open wetness in between.

It was enough!

His cock began to stiffen as he walked toward the bed. No words were being spoken as he rubbed it in her sex. She beckoned him to fuck her and he willingly obliged!

He fucked her hard and fucked her well, her body overwhelmed! The sex was all she wanted, not the kissing or the frills.

The houseboy watched. He'd come to introduce himself and show her how to work the television controls where things were, but then had seen her through the shutters as she lay naked on the bed, playing with herself, not knowing he was watching her from outside. He had seen Robert as he walked naked from the shower. He'd seen the cock go in her cunt, the motion of their bodies as they fucked. He couldn't help but watch them. The maid had watched as well.

She was exhausted when he left her having orgasmed not just once, but several times as he had fucked her. He had given her the best fuck that she had had since she was a teenager, a multi-orgasmic fuck that seemed to last forever. His staying power had been remarkable, an hour at the least, her cunt so wet it really didn't matter!

The bed was wet. His cock had filled her with his cum, had squirted in a dozen times, his climax more intense than any other she had been with, the sweat, his seed still seeping out from her vagina. He could have stayed. He could have fucked her all night long if he had wanted! She showered while the maid was in the garden with the houseboy, getting fucked.

Robert had a flight to catch that evening. He was heading back to the States for a meeting with one of their major contractors in Houston. Of certain he had cheated, knowing well that her husband would be there with her in two more days. He envied him. His wife was a fantastic fuck. She had been without a cock for several months. Her husband though was probably deserving. He had cheated also.

He had been with her husband several times while in Rangoon. The girls in the massage parlours were young, the opium, the incense, the mat of long black hair upon their cunts. He had been to those places several times to fuck.

The girls all looked the same, all cute with little tits, likely saving for sufficient money to go back home to their villages and marry and raise a family. They were young, perhaps too young to fuck, but they did it for the money all the same. The massage would take them forever. Their customers would start to drowse. The incense and the opium helped, the young masseuse being naked, sitting on their customers belly as they rubbed their heads and shoulders. It was incredible, the way they used their fingers. The young girls would then slowly move their bodies down, toward the genitals, gently rubbing her cunt against his cock.

Twenty dollars more and he could fuck her if he wanted. It was more than their men could earn in a month back in the village. There were always two of them, an assistant, a trainee, too young to be of age.

The agreement for payment would then be made. The men could not resist and were somewhat hostage to the feeling of the young girl’s cunt hair as it tempted the cock to go inside. The other girl would then rub the lubricant upon the glans of the erect penis, allowing for his cock to slide into the young girl’s cunt so he could fuck her. Often then the customer would finger the 'assistant' as he was fucking the other, the intent being that the fuck would be a quick one and not long. There were often other customers who waited.

Her husband liked the Rangoon girls a lot. He was a regular. His wife had gone without sexual contact while she had waited for him. She deserved the fuck he'd given her. Her husband did as well!

The maid came in a while later and asked if she had slept. The houseboy came and showed her where things were, and then gave her his cell phone number and told her she could call him if she wanted, if there was anything she needed him to get. She flirted with him. He was cute. She was fucked for now, but she'd be horny by tomorrow. That he knew, knowing well that the heat and the extreme humidity were difficult for Westerners to adjust to when they first arrived. It made their women horny. An orgy with the local boys and young western girls who were tourists and not accustomed to the effects of the heat as it magnified their hormones was certainly not uncommon.

She was impressed by his attentiveness, his handsome good looks; though he was several years her junior and reminded her of boys she fucked while still at school in Iowa. He was pleasant and offered her his help while she was there. If there was anything she needed just to tell the maid and she would call him. She flirted with him. It seemed he really liked her. She liked him. He had given her his cell phone number and mentioned she could call him for whatever she might want but never said he saw her as she fucked.

It was the following evening. She had spent the day at the local stores and felt exhausted from the heat, but she was horny as she thought of what occurred the night before. She was lying underneath the fan. She called the cell to see if he could come and lied and said she heard some sounds outside her room and said that she was frightened. He came. She had a robe on and she then asked him if he knew someone who she could call for a massage.

He said he could himself. She knew he would! She then took off the robe, her gorgeous body ready for the cock he’d use to finish. He rubbed her shoulders and her back, her bottom, then her legs; then slowly worked toward her thighs and rubbed them in between. She savoured how his fingers felt, his fingers brushed against her cunt but did not go inside.

He turned her over on her back. She willing obliged. She had the nicest tits he’d seen. His hands caressed her shoulders first, her tits and then her belly. He rubbed her feet, and then her legs, and then between her thighs as well and this time as he stroked her cunt his finger went inside.

He’d watched her fuck the day before. He wanted her as well! Her hand came up and felt his cock. He took his finger out of her and used his cock instead.

He slept with her and fucked her well. He fucked her several times. The night was over far too soon. She climaxed several times.

The following day her husband arrived. The experience of being alone in Bangkok was an awakening she had not expected beforehand. She had fucked since she was fourteen years of age, with several different boys and with men who were much older than she was, but she had never climaxed so easily and so well as those first three nights in Bangkok; the first with Robert, her husbands friend, and then with the houseboy whose name she knew but never knew how to pronounce it, and then with her husband during that final evening in the apartment.

It was an experience not to be forgotten.


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