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Story Info

Posting Date 2009-08-30 19:26:44
Author robjw
Title Caught in a public toilet
Category got caught having sex
Where it happend public toilet
Age then 35
Age now 58
Gender MALE
Viewed 137
Story Length 1517

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Caught in a public toilet


I guess you could say that I am bi-sexual. 90% of the time I am only interested in women but at certain times in my life I have had a yen to have sex with men. This true story is about the time I was caught giving a blow job to a guy in a public place.

I was living in a town on the south coast of England, and had split up with my girlfriend a couple of months before and had not yet found someone else. At this time I was fantasising a lot about sex with a guy ( always with me being in a passive or even submissive role ), in particular giving a guy a blowjob. It is something I had done before but only on a few occasions, but I had enjoyed it a lot those times.

I started visiting public toilets that I knew had a reputation as gay pick up spots. I was always aware that this was a risky way of going about things, but I was desperate and horny. One afternoon after a couple of drinks at a pub I went to one of these places. There was a guy at the urinal at the far end and I went to one in the middle . Almost immediately I knew what he was there for, he just had an air about him of having been there a lot longer than it takes to have a piss. I unzipped and pretended to take a piss and stood there a lot longer too than would have been necessary . After a couple of minutes I could see out of the corner of my eye that he was looking at my cock and rubbing his own. I was too nervous and scared that I had got it wrong that I couldn’t look him in the eye. But I turned my head and looked at his cock and started rubbing my own. After watching each other wanking for a couple of minutes I finally looked up and smiled at him. This was all it took and he moved across to the urinal next to mine, his rigid cock sticking out from his trousers.

We wanked in silence for a few moments more and then he said “Your cock looks great, can I hold it ?” I said sure and he reached out and grasped it and started rubbing it. His hand felt larger and meatier than a womans and he had a firm grip and all in all it felt great. I took hold of his cock and returned the favour – his was larger than mine and circumcised which was unfamiliar to me. After a little while I felt I was going to come soon, when he asked if I wanted to suck his. I said I would if there was somewhere else we could go such as his flat or car . He said that wasn’t possible but it would be OK in one of the cubicles, he said he had done it here plenty of times with no problems. One side of me knew it wasn’t a good idea, the other side ( the dirty, horny, lust filled side) just wanted desperately to have that cock in my mouth and to hell with anything else . Guess which side won !

We went to the end cubicle, cocks sticking out of our trousers . He indicated that I should go in first, which I did. He said sit down which I did, with my trousers around my ankles. He came in, shut the door and slid the bolt across and dropped his trousers . There I was at last sitting with a hard cock a few inches in front of my face, demanding to be taken care of. A few seconds later it was in my mouth, my head bobbing up and down, his lovely hard cock sliding in and out between my lips.

After a little while, I don’t know how long, it felt like he was going to come soon. He had his hands on my head and was moving his hips in time with my rhythm, and his breath was coming shorter and faster, letting out little moans and sighs of contentment. At this point I heard footsteps and voices and realized other people had come into the building. I froze and wanted him to stop until they had gone but either he hadn’t heard them or was too far gone to care. He held my head firmly and continued pumping into my mouth , grunting slightly. I couldn’t do anything to stop him. I heard one of the guys outside say “What’s that ? “ . The other guy said “It sounds like there’s more than one person in there, a couple of queers at it I expect ”. My guy just continued pumping even faster and I felt the first squirts of his cum jet into my mouth, just as someone outside looked under the door and said “Yeah, there’s 2 blokes in there for sure “. The other banged on the door and said “What are you up to you dirty buggers “. I managed to pull away, even though it was too late to matter, and a couple more spurts of cum landed alongside my nose and on my mouth and chin. One last small glob landed on the collar of my shirt and the guy almost immediately pulled up his trousers , stuffed his cock back in and turned to the door. He paused a moment and then shot back the bolt , flung open the door and hurled himself out of the cubicle, shoving past the 2 guys outside and fled out of the building. I was left sitting there with cum all over my face and a stiff cock, frozen in shock I guess.
The guys peered in at me with leering smiles on their faces. One was in his 50’s, overweight, greasy black hair and a leather jacket ( some kind of aging rocker I guess ). The second was in his early 20’s, just your average yobbo really - thin, pale, cropped hair, ear stud, tattoos. “Caught red-handed eh ?” said the older guy. “Yeah, against the law this, ain’t it ?” said the other. “Yeah, you could be in big trouble for this. Our duty as good citizens to call the police “. They both laughed. “What do reckon about that then. Fancy going to court and telling them what you were up to “? the older guy said. I told them I’d never done this before, I’d had a few drinks etc etc. and said can we just forget about it .

After letting me plead a bit more the older guy said they might let me off if I did to them what I’d just done to the other guy. The prospect of going to court and having it all out in public was too awful to contemplate so I agreed straight away. The older guy went first, stepping into the cubicle, leaving the younger guy outside to keep watch. He just stood there with his hands on hips looking down at me as I worked on him. Eventually he came in my mouth, told me to clean his cock, and then put it away and went out. The younger guy then stepped in, all eager, but he was cockier and cruder than the first one, talking dirty to me , calling me cocksucker, dirty slut etc . He grasped my hair and practically fucked my face. My jaw was aching and my throat was sore by the time he came, pumping copious quantities of cum down my throat.

After he left I cleaned myself up as best I could and went out . The young guy had gone but the older one was waiting for me. He looked at me knowingly and said “ You enjoyed that didn’t you ?”. I looked at him rather shamefacedly and said that I had. He then gave me a piece of paper with a telephone number on it and said to call him if I fancied doing him again. I nodded and left.

For several days I was almost permanently turned on , I kept thinking about that afternoon. I jerked off several times a day until my cock was too sore to do it any more. Eventually I phoned the number and went to the guys flat, and after that I went there 7 or 8 times more over the next couple of months. Most times he was simply sprawled out on the sofa watching porn videos while I sat or knelt on the floor servicing him with my mouth and hands. I never saw the younger guy again who was his nephew he said. Apparently visiting gay pick up places and blackmailing guys into blowing them was something they had done before .

After a couple of months I got bored with it, my desire for sexual contact with men was sated. I got another girlfriend and it was several years before I had any other sexual encounters with men.


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