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Story Info

Posting Date 2009-08-06 17:30:21
Author wick
Title Choo Choo The Train Pulls IN
Category tried a gangbang
Where it happend best friends house
Age then 16
Age now 56
Gender MALE
Viewed 185
Story Length 1882

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Choo Choo The Train Pulls IN


Fred pumped away on the peddles of the ten speed bike with powerful
strokes propelling him down the darken street. It may only have been a
five minute ride to Fran's house but he was determined to do it in three,
maybe less. He couldn't believe the stroke of good fortune. He was about
to stick his young dick into a fresh, tight and moist cunt, and for the
first time too! He left a note for his sister, who knows where the heck
she was, explaining he would be home before midnight. His parents were
away for the weekend leaving him in charge of the house and her. She
booted this morning and he hadn't seen her since.

Finally Fran's house was in sight at the end of the cul-de-sac. There
were no lights on, a uneasiness swept through his body, could he have been
tricked, maybe it was a cruel joke. When Fran called he thought it may
have been a prank but he had sounded honest with the tale of Chuck in the
bedroom stripping off her clothes in preparation as they spoke.

Nervously his finger straighten outward pushing the dimly lighted button
followed by chimes just inside the door. He waited anxiously. As he was
about to ring it again the door opened slightly with Fran peering out,
grabbing his arm, pulling him inside.

"Get in here and shut-up" Fred was confused, he hadn't said a word, but
Fran kept tugging at his arm dragging him to the back of the house. "She's
in the guest bedroom with Chuck. He just started fucking her. It was only
fair he get her first since he brought her. "

As they walked past the ajar bedroom door Fred paused gawking into the
room. There on the bed were too shadowy figures in the dim light of a
table lamp. A set of feet pointing downward hung close to the edge while
another set was moving eagerly in the air. His eyes followed the feet up
the body's legs resting on the sight of Chuck's naked ass rising in the air
before descending downwards, slow and steady in a deliberate pace.

All he could see of the girl was her upright legs and her obscured naked
shape converging into the fabric of the bedspread. Chucks beefy body
prevented much of a view. But she was indeed naked. He immedidelly
sprouted an erection causing discomfort in his pants.

Pausing for another few seconds at the two fucking before awakening from
the trance when Fran announced: "I'm next then Dana, I guess that leaves
you last." So what if he was the caboose, he couldn't care less about being
last, all he wanted was a piece of the action.

All three boys sat in silence listening to Chuck muttering small grunts
with the girl giggling, awaiting their turn. Then the barely audible
tell-tale sigh was heard by all as Chuck grunted. There was small talk
coming from the bedroom that didn't sound friendly. The girl expressed her
grief against Chuck while he was apologizing profusely. It didn't sound

When Chuck appeared the three others were appalled. He strode into the
room with only his shirt on carrying his pants in one hand, his underpants
in the other. He was naked from the waist down, his dick was shiny from
wetness as it flopped around with each step in it's partially erect state.
It was the first time any of them had seen each others dick other than a
glimpse when pisssing.

"Sorry guys, she's pissed off. You may not get a chance after all. She
didn't want me to blow off inside her, but she never told me not to, so I
let loose. I know one thing she sure is prime-o, tight isn't the word.
Hey Fran, if she's still willing she's all primed for you, a little wet but
ready to go."

None of the others had considered the results of taking turns with her,
certainly not after Chuck spilled his seed inside her. It was taken for
granted that they would pull out, who wanted to take the chance of an
unwelcome pregnancy. The thought of "sloppy seconds" went through each of
their minds. Everybody talked about getting seconds but this was for real.
No one wanted to admit to being queasy of sliding into their buddy's sperm
but they all were.

Reluctantly at first Fran stood to make his way into the hall, Fred
peered past him watching the girl fidgeting around on the bed. With the
door now partially shut no one could see what was going on, but they could
here muted whispers. Dana not able to stand the suspense arose to push the
door open again.

Fran hadn't bothered to remove his clothes instead his pants were
tangled around his knees as he sawed away at the girl. Within minutes Dana
and Fred watched as his boy ass jammed its way down as the muscles
tightened causing the crack of his ass to clench firmly closed. No
explanation needed, they knew what had happened.

"What a wuss, he didn't last two minutes." "Probably so scared at
getting his first piece of ass." Fran heard the mumblings, embarrassed from
his deed he arose while jamming his cock into his pants not bothering to
wipe it clean first.

Dana never hesitated; his pants were off before he entered the room.
Fran tried to explain to no avail what had happened. Fred only could
visualize what would happen when his time came. He was afraid he too would
cum within minutes, but his worst nightmare was he wouldn't even get into
her before cumming. Sometimes when he masturbated, especially when he was
excited he had a hair trigger causing him to orgasm quickly.

Fred dilly-dallied in the hall, pacing back and forth awaiting his
impending assignment. His hands would clasp together, and then rummage
around his long hair, constantly moving showing his nervousness. The other
two sat in amusement watching him. Dana was not new to sex. Taking his
time with the young girl he started off pounding her before settling down
to a nice pace enjoying every minute of his fuck making it last, getting
the most pleasure he could.

Fred knew something would happen, she would decide she had enough,
Fran's parents would show up, something always happened. His mind raced
with thoughts of what could go wrong. Then a thunderous voice emerged, but
it was only Dana: "She's all yours my friend, enjoy it!"

A little timid Fred stepped inside the bedroom, there on the bed a form
laid before him. Long blonde hair draped down over her shoulders
disappearing into her arm pits, the rosy colored nipples topped her petite
tits. The legs were long but tightly clasped together. Following the
length of them up he barely could see a small tuft of soft down-like fur in
her v. A smile came to her face as he unbuckled his belt before removing
his pants.

Whispering in her ear "I've never done this" he crawled over her body.
"Don't worry you'll be just fine. Straddling her knees he reached for and
then parted them wanting to see what a real cunt looked like. The fine
hairs surrounding her hole were matted with dampness, her cunt lips
although compressed, discharged a meager dribble of pasty white jism that
cascaded down over a-hole. On the white sheet beneath her was a sizable
spot moisten from the flow of cum. After all, three loads had been
ejaculated into her cavity. Her young cunt could only hold so much.

Reaching for his underwear pulling them down over his hips she grasped a
hold of his dick stroking the length of it. There was no need to aim it
for him; he nuzzled the tip up against her slit without any effort on his
part he slipped into her depths. She was used, even though he didn't now
she had lost the tightness of a just a few minutes ago. But to Fred it was
glorious; his dick nestled neatly in her cunt.

He never noticed that each time he heaved into her he would force the
others cum out around his dick collecting on his scrotum. All he knew he
thought he had died and gone to heaven.

"Slow down." She whispered in his ear in an attempt to prevent his
orgasm. She knew how special it was for him. Fred not only surprised
himself but the other three listening outside the room. Over and over he
fucked in and out of her lasting a good four or five minutes. All the lust
locked inside him was about to be expelled.

He felt it arise from deep inside traveling up his dick to be set free.
One huge surge after another exited him as the head of his dick twitched
while his main connecting tube pulsed repeatedly filling the young girl for
the final time that evening.

The girl exited to the bathroom cleaning herself up. Even with panties
and pants on she could feel the seepage of left over semen leaking from her
cunt as she walked home. Lightheaded from the fucking she took, she laid
on her bed lost in thought with the fear of pregnancy.

The boys hung around for awhile boasting of their manliness. It was ten
o'clock when Fred exhaustedly made the short ride home on his bike. He had
a hard time believing he actually fucked a girl two hours before. As he
leisurely peddled back home in the cool night air his mind wandered
backwards. He could feel an uncomfortable hard-on appearing in his tight
pants as he rounded the corner to his drive way.

Fumbling into the darkness of the house he made his way to kitchen for
drink and food. His dick was still willing for more. Against better
judgment he stripped out of his pants and shirt. He would take a hot
shower and release the tautness of his dick. He climbed the stairs
strolled down the hallway while his fingers caressed his dick.

The thought of his sister never entered his head. Not only was she home
but she had just dried off from her shower. They met in the doorway of the
bathroom; Nancy was naked as a jay bird, her maturing body in view for
Fred's pleasure. Her tits a respectable size for only being fourteen
matched her curvy mid-section. Fred's eyes focused on her patch of fuzz,
dark brown and massive, not like the blonde hair of the girl he just

Nancy's eyes grew to the size of saucers when she saw her brother
standing before her with rigid dick in hand. Speechless they stood there
looking at each other not knowing what do or say. She looked mighty good
to Fred, even if it was his sister.

Initially Nancy thought it was perverted, but it was the first dick she
had seen in the flesh. And soon her mind became inquisitive.


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