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Story Info

Posting Date 2009-07-28 10:32:08
Author robby2000m
Title THanks to new chances
Category tried Sado/Masochism
Where it happend Manchester
Age then 38
Age now 59
Gender MALE
Viewed 64
Story Length 1523

(7 votes / 51 points)

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THanks to new chances


I keep going back to S& M as sort of a , I don't believe I did that experience In the early days of computers and the internet some twenty years ago there was a system of bulletin boards , I don't remember cam to cam of even chat rooms . You dialled up logged on and searched boards . I found a UK web board that was predominantly a swingers board . There was a singles , and a Kinks board too. It was on this that I found an advert for a Submissive couple wanting a single stud , to meet first and then stay for a weekend of fun on a regular basis . Must be drug and disease free etc . No more secret meets for me , one experience of being arse fucked and beaten for a weekend was my whole lifetimes desire of being a submissive all used up . A pub on a neutral territory for the first meet . Their advert had specifically said an ALPHA male needed . so I sat looking out of the train window thinking , me main man , all subs do as told , They lived north of Manchester and I was living out of hotels in London so I booked into a Manchester city centre hotel for the weekend , with the aim of catching the first London Train on Monday morning getting me behind my desk well before nine AM . I was awaiting some reports from the Middle East and the project had ground to a halt frustratingly , so the bulletin board reply to meet at seven gave me time to check in and shower .

I walked the few minutes to the small bar near Manchester's Piccadilly district . I ordered a fresh orange with ice , as beer didn't ever seem to go with sex particularly the sadistic kind , so I had a rule , BDSM no Alcohol , simple but basic . I perched on a bar stool and re read their reply . Will meet you at seven , I am petite blonde and will be wearing a short blue dress , he is slender and medium build , we both cannot wait to meet . So you know it is me I will have a silver slave bangle around my left ankle . I looked around the bar , knowing they had five minutes to arrive , thinking that there were a couple of shows that I would like to see and a film , so even if it was a no show , it wouldn't be a wasted journey . In the huge bar mirror I saw a stunning Blonde and her boyfriend taking a place at the table and thought , if my slaves don't turn up I wouldn't mind her , she is gorgeous . A small framed woman with a slightly top heavy appearance . as I eyed her through the mirror I saw the ankle bangle . Wow this was going to be good f it worked .

Think Dominant Alpha male , as I walked over and un introduced sat at their table , You are late I said in an irritated manner . Sorry sir she chirruped , I knew this was right . I placed my hand on her leg under the table and slid it along her thigh , lovely smooth thighs , I stroked the crotch of her panties , and thought in for a penny in for a pound . Now whilst I order , go to the ladies toilet and lose the panties , I had so far ignored the partner . This was supposed to be just a meet , but felt a nervous quiver as she stood and left the bar . A few minutes later she was back . but so was the waiter . We all seemed to be juice drinkers and soon were all facing our virgin cocktails . My hand returned to the thigh . Where are the panties I asked looking her straight in the eye . bag she stuttered . Keep them in your hand , I thought that sitting holding her pants frightened of exposing what they were may give her a buzz . It certainly gave her a lump in her throat as she tucked the pale blue silk pants into her hand . My fingers at the same time pushed past her lips , and boy was she wet . I reached over the table with my free hand and shook hands with her boyfriend Jim , Hi your girl gets very wet doesn't she I asked . He just nodded . her legs were tightening around my hand and she was fidgeting on her chair . I had no desire to have a repeat of the Meg Ryan show here so I withdrew my fingers leaving a look of frustration on her face . I offered her my wet fingers and she licked them clean in public .

I had started as I meant to go on and it was working . So what do you guys want to do . I asked . We only live a short way from here she says take me home , never mind the introduction I want you !.And what do you want Jim ? I probed , Anything you want , I am Bi so I love anything . It transpired that they had had a normal courtship but after marriage he had confessed to being both bi and sub , unfortunately she was sub to , and into this opening I fell .
Okay order the taxi Jim ,and you come with me . She was wearing a button through short sleeved mini dress . Into the toilets was a small entrance hall . I stood there opposite her and held my hand our t , Bra ! I demanded , and she twisted and turned until the straps had been dragged along the short sleeve and slipped off her arms , she reached around her back and unclipped , but loosened two buttons at the front to pull it free . As the bra came free I tested her firmness , and her buttons still undone retired to the bar . It was only a few minutes in the Taxi and we were in their house .

As she closed the door I had her unbutton the dress and Jim stripped to his tight red briefs . I had veered away from man sex but knew if this was going to work at some stage his arse had to be fucked by me as a show of his place in my pecking order . Jim lay on the coffee table his undies showing a growing puddle of pre cum . Sit on his face whilst he gets you warmed up , I told her and she was soon crouched receiving his tongue , a monster was straining his pants trying to escape . I strolled the few paces and started to pinch , her nipples , quite hard . She squirmed at each pinch . l saw the kitchen door ajar ,and sent her for clothes pins she returned not with the few I had thought but with two packets of one hundred each . As his tongue penetratated I clipped more f her nipple and their aureoles till with a choked squeal she clamped Jims head . No I pulled her off Jims circling tongue , and I think managed to stop the impending orgasm by seconds . There were streams of her juices running down her thighs .

I took a dining chair and had her kneel over it , She was now positioned to take Jim into her eager mouth , and He stood in front of her . Pants down Jim , and he revealed a huge cock shining with fluid as it eagerly awaited attention . Now You suck him , till say stop , and even if he cums you don't stop , or speak , you just suck . As she started her task I ran the juice from her wet pussy across her arse and entered her . I think she nearly bit Jim's cock off , Unbeknown to me her virginity of Arse had just gone . I saw Jim buck and she swallowed but kept the sucking motion despite a short gagging session . I soon filled her arse with my load ,and she collapsed across the chair , well fucked was a good expression . I had them reverse positions and entered Jim , using his pre cum as his lube as he was rampantly hard and he had a genuine ten inch dick . he lapped at her holes as I rogered him and stroked his cock with one hand , the other was flicking the clothes pins from her tits .

I knew that anything past four discharges my dick started to get sore so took a soft option and let go of his arse as my second load flew into him . I have always been Hygiene orientated and sent her for towels and a bowl , she washed my cock expertly and then sucked to perfection , whilst Jim played by his self . This seemed to go on for hours , but we ended up in their king sized bed and I didn't get back to my Hotel until Sunday mid morning . First time lead onwards , for a few years off and on as I came and went . There pleasure and mine ended with their divorce as Jim took his Bi side seriously and moved in with one of their gay friends . She became engaged soon afterwards , and her new wifely respectability didn't include


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