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Story Info

Posting Date 2009-06-29 18:21:22
Author robby2000m
Title Jane WLTM
Category tried Sado/Masochism
Where it happend In my flat
Age then 19
Age now 59
Viewed 133
Story Length 1543

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I had come back from Amsterdam , learning that , I was not as kinky as I thought and I never ever wanted my ass touched by another human being again . It took weeks to recover from by experience with a professional mistress . It took weeks for the marks to go and my ass was painful for the same time . I decided If I had a passion for BDSM it wasn't as a submissive . I was at my second year at college in the frozen North of England at the time , and had no regular girlfriend . I the pre computer days finding contacts was not as easy as today . I had bought some very bizarre magazines in Holland , and panicked as I went through the green customs channel on my return . The books were illustrated bondage stories and my knowledge was excellent , all I needed was a willing female .

There were contact magazines with "Box numbers " that cost you money for the publisher to forward , I felt this was a scam , but in my search for my own sexuality , I bought one .Most of the ads were couples for couples to meet and swap partners , or men who wanted a domme to tie them and punish them . There was though an advert that was oddly worded , asking for a young man to show me the ropes , Jane 25, cannot accommodate , North East UK , and I thought , in the interest of research , and at a cost of a week's food budget in my meagre flat , why not give it a try.

Three weeks had gone by since my letter , and I was convinced that I had been taken for a ride , when a letter from Jane arrived , She was 25 and lived at home with her parents , but had strong , although unspecified desires , the magazine had held her mail for two weeks and apparently I was one of two replies , she had contacted the other guy who turned out to be much older , and despite my youth , would we like to meet . She gave me the number of the e phone box at the end of her street , as she wanted to preserve her privacy , and at the due day and Time I rang , even though a suspicion that this was a scam was still in my mind .

Did I understand what she wanted and could I let her stay for the whole weekend doing it were her first questions , yes I thought , but then came the m, conditions , first we should meet and discuss it , and the next night I was standing at the concourse of Newcastle Central station in a dark blue jumper looking for small girl with long hair wearing a blue business suit , There were hundreds of them , Set up was really in my mind when a stunning slender girl walked up to me , Rob she said in a cultivated but squeaky voice ,Mamma yes , you must be , etc . We sat in the station bar and she revealed that she had strong masochistic tendencies that consisted of the self application of cloths pegs and sticking pins into her sensitive areas , and her wildest desire was to have a guy do it to her . Sex wasn't a problem but a condom must be worn as she wasn't on the pill , and lived with her strict religious parents , but she had a work colleague that she had week ended away with before and , even at 25 would cover her story with her parents . Next Friday she would get a taxi from work and present herself at the front door of my garret apartment , and I would spent all my free time between then and Sunday doing what I want . The simple rules were no cuts or permanent marks , no breaking skin , no exchange of body fluids , no scat .

In the week I purchased cloths pins , rope , read books , got a fortnights worth of my food money as bondage kit , and sat back waiting for Friday . I spent most of the week thinking that this was a wind up , but even as Friday arrived my faith in her appearing was weak . I had cancelled all appointments closed that curtains , and sat back waiting to be disappointed .
At five forty five the doo knocked , and there she stood , in I barked as the Taxi drew away . She stood holding her bag in my scruffy living room . This was real ! . Skirt up I said and she obediently lifted her skirt . Tights and pants right off then put the shoes back on . Within seconds her bare legs were on full show and the light hair of her pussy in my full view . She had stripped and returned to the lifted skirt stance . Let the skirt go and strip to the waist . This was the best fun I had ever had , and her firm if small tits were there for whatever I wanted . Blouse and coat on , we are going out to eat first . The extravagance was the cheap Italian restaurant around the corner , but the view of her erect nipples under the white blouse and the knowledge that her pussy was in fresh air had given me a concrete cock .

As we walked the few yards back to the flat I pulled her into an alleyway and freely fingered her tight pussy , and tweaked her hard nipples through the thin cotton material . We were back indoors in seconds the thrill of outdoor sex , albeit fumbling , having charged my system . Do you have a nightdress or anything I asked , the flat was quite drafty . She silently nodded and produced a long tee shirt . Her clothes were soon off and the thin tee shirt on . My bed was an old fashioned wooden one and she was hand cuffed to the footboard within seconds . Her legs spread , First noise and you are gagged I warned . I lifted the shirt and gave her the most thorough examination possible squeezing and releasing her clit till she automatically gyrated and then spammed as her body came at my tough , I turned her and refined the cuffs so she was facing me and just uncontrollably took her , calling her fucktoy and slut as I pounded into her ,and she came again as i filled the rubber with the hardest ejaculation i had ever had . Did i tell you to cum i enquiresd So I turned her around and slapped her arse leaving deep pink handprints . At this her knees were buckling as her body shook . She came on being spanked ! I spread eagled her across the bed and took her arse with a well lubed rubber , which burst , so I pumped straight into her .

I slapped her in the pussy and across the tits , but by 4 am I and her were shattered , I lay on the floor . The bed being covered in restrained girl . It was half way through the morning when we woke and I spoon fed boiled egg and toast into her whilst sitting on her still pink chest . The nightie having been lifted to refresh my view again . I was fast running out of ideas so applied a pair of cloths pegs to her erect nipples whilst my brain ran wild thinking what to do for the next 24 hours . But as cocks do , mine stiffened as I took in her naked body as one of the best early morning views I had seen . I turned her head and the boiled egg and toast was soon topped with a strong dash of protein as my cock satisfied itself in her mouth .

I slipped a towel under her and scissored her sparse pubes away . Foamed her mound and removed totally all the hair . I then took a low melting point black candle from a BDSM mail order catalogue , and took my time recreating a wax image of her swollen vagina . That took hours and the heat was uncomfortable . It was only then as I iced the wax that I remembered the clipped nipples , These had been tightly held to the point where the pain had subsided , but the moment they were off and a full blood supply returned the agony bought an exquisite low moan . I fucked every hole and slapped everything that was slappable through the day and night , The next day , I ran her a bath at 10 AM and put the smellies in the room . I had run out of ideas totally and thought lunch would be nice .

I actually didn't know what else to do . Once a moths she said , i've had a great time . I remembered the unused rope then . I couldn't refuse and for the next year we were monthly fuck buddies , one who was tied and spanked . After the year she sat down and told me her fiancée was away as an army officer , and she was to become a respectable major's wife with her own country pile paid for by his daddy . And the fuck fest would stay with her in her memories forever , but it had to end . I saw her wedding photos in a respectable daily paper some months later ,, and her name was not even Jane , but it was fun whilst it lasted .


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