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Story Info

Posting Date 2008-02-26 22:55:14
Author unsocialized
Title Triple Nerd Score: Scrabble at the Orgy
Category was involved in a wild/crazy bet
Where it happend Brooklyn, ny
Age then 29
Age now 30
Gender MALE
Viewed 85
Story Length 1553

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Triple Nerd Score: Scrabble at the Orgy


So I generally attend a monthly all-bisexual orgy on the Upper West Side of New York City. So it was with some sadness that I got an e-mail that began:

Here's a spot of bad news. I've had some complaints from the neighbors concerning noise, fueled by rumors that I'm "making porn" and having "anonymous sex." How preposterous is that? I mean, we're living porn, not making it. As for "anonymous sex," I always introduce myself to people I fuck. That's just good manners.

So I offered up my space in Brooklyn, and we had the orgy at my loft. I wasn't sure what it would lead to, but it turned out to be Scrabble.
For whatever reason, the orgy hadn't really taken off. Sure, there were a couple of blowjobs here and there. Flynn was tenderizing Eden's back with a singletail. Still, most folks were sitting around chatting with their clothes on. I've nothing against that, these are lovely people, but this IS an orgy. When Tom remarked on the Scrabble set and how he'd like to play a game, I knew it was time for drastic measures.

I stepped in to Tom's field of view. "Sure I'll play, but I have to warn you, I'm pretty good."
Tom wasn't fazed. He announced to the room that he was pretty good himself, which made me smirk inwardly. I play competition-grade Scrabble. I know every legal two and three letter word. I have a set of custom tiles, for fuck's sake. I prepared the hustle.

"Well...I don't think this was the sort of action people came her to see, Tom. What if we made the game a little more interesting?" I paused. "How about the loser gives the winner a blowjob?" He lost his smile. I couldn't tell if I was pushing too far.

Tom sat down on a futon next to the wall I was propped against. We'd drawn a bit of attention from onlookers, which suited me just fine. Tom, however, explained to me how this was his girlfriend's first orgy, and he didn't think she was up for seeing him suck a cock. I asked if he'd like to check, but he told me he was pretty sure she wasn't.

Fortunately, it was about this time that Stuart walked in the door.

Stuart is an adorable guy in his mid-20's, with a flat boy tummy, adorable glasses, a charming sexy nerd demeanor, and a beautiful cock that looks quite similar to mine. Moreover, I'd met him years earlier, when he attended a training I gave on providing medical care during protests. I'd lusted over his cute ass ever since I saw him making out with a cute boy at an orgy several months earlier. Perhaps best of all, Stuart professed to be quite good at Scrabble, and readily agreed to my terms.

So that was how we ended up getting down the Scrabble board at the orgy. Stuart opened with BRR, which very few amateurs know is legal. That's when I knew it was ON. I responded with MARQUIS through the R, signalling to Stuart that this was going to be a fight. We sparred back and forth over the board. My tiles were good - words like RADIATE sat on my rack, but he left me no openings in which to play them. Meanwhile, he opened up a wide lead with JUDGEMENT, playing around a pre-existing ME. Impressed, I ran a foot up his clothed leg. At one point a couple who'd been fucking in the bedrooms came into the living room, observed the crowd around us with bemused looks. People are getting fisted in the back, and everyone's watching Scrabble? WTF? Pretty soon, the most commonly uttered phrase as new folks came in was, "They're playing for blowjobs."

Well, luck wasn't with me, but it's no excuse; Stuart played a better game than I did, and he earned his blowjob. Realizing that we were going to have an audience, I joked that we were going to have to find a private room. I took Stuart by his hand and led him up the stairs to the loft platform overlooking the living room.

From atop the loft, I looked down and surveyed our many admirers. It was an ego trip to see how many people wanted to watch me suck Stuart's cock. I turned to him and murmured, "Let's give them a show, shall we?" I slid my hands along his side, grabbed him by his jeans' rear belt buckles, and pulled him into a hot kiss. I'd intended it mostly for the benefit of those on the ground floor, but I hadn't realized how soft his lips would be. I leaned in and tilted my head up, drew my hands forward, along his sides, under his shirt. Felt his slight body, his pierced nipples, the tiny bit of hair in the center of his chest. Stuart has my favorite build for a boy - scrawny yet firm. Muscle tone without the muscles. As I broke the kiss to drop to my knees in front of him, I couldn't resist planting a pair of kisses on his stomach.

We decided that instead of standing, Stuart would lie on his back on the rug. He settled himself down, and I immediately went to unbutton his jeans. He lifted his smooth ass off the floor to allow me to pull them off. I cupped his balls in my hand gently. I lowered my mouth to his balls like I was preparing to taste a new variety of a fruit I enjoyed; hesitantly, but eagerly, knowing that I would enjoy the new experience even before I'd had it.

I licked along his shaft, and willed it harder. As it started to respond, I dipped my head over it, and was gratified by his moan. I couldn't really look up without stopping what I was doing, so it was hard to see his face - I could tell he was enjoying it but was nervous. After a minute, he excused himself and leaned over the side of the platform to ask his very hot girlfriend to come up with us. She did, and he asked her to play with his nipples. She started to tug at his piercings and whisper hot things in his ear which I couldn't hear. The effect this had was immediate, and his cock grew immediately to full length in my mouth.

"Hey, is there room up there? I'm coming up." Oh, Wendy. Like we thought you could stay away from a good queer blowjob. Wendy has a refreshing directness that really works at orgies - while everyone else is busy deciding etiquette, she makes her own to suit her personal kinks. She climbed the ladder, and stood above us for a moment, wearing nothing but her lipstick and Egyptian tattoos. My girlfriend Evangeline decided that the ice had been broken, and followed her up. She wore a black corset with a skimpy flouncy skirt and stockings that she'd hand-stencilled with little red bicycles. Her garters terminated at a tiny string thong, black with red trim and a pair of cherries on the front. She settled herself down next to Wendy, who in turn settled herself literally inches from my lips and told me how hot we looked.

I was getting seriously turned on by Wendy's watching us, and I started bobbing my head quickly over the tip of Stuart's cock. I had just decided I was going to take him into the back of my mouth again when I felt lips on MY cock. While I'd been busying myself with Stuart's pleasure, my girlfriend laid on her back in between my legs and slid her lips around my own penis. I got very thick in her as she fucked me with her mouth. I moaned into Stuart's pubic hair, and I matched my rhythm to the one I felt on my own cock, though I had to stop for the occasional moan as Evangeline tongued the base of my shaft. Soon, Evangeline started moaning around my cockhead - I didn't know it at the time, but Wendy had taken it upon herself to pull Angie's panties to the side and slide two fingers into her. Angie has a very tight cunt, so two fingers is quite a lot for her, and she arched her back underneath me as she came around Wendy's hand.

We must have been quite a scene for the onlookers - Stuart with his nipples being pulled and licked by his girlfriend, and the rest of us daisy-chained to his cock. Eventually though, Stuart decided he was ready to enjoy the rest of the orgy. He sat up and kissed me very tenderly. I smiled (and not because Evangeline was still sucking my cock) and told him I'd love to see him some time without the orgy. He agreed, and I expect that I have some hot Scrabble action in my near future.


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