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Story Info

Posting Date 2007-10-09 21:55:08
Author Sirreal
Title Fit to be Tied
Category tried Sado/Masochism
Where it happend My house
Age then 35
Age now 35
Gender MALE
Viewed 61
Story Length 1422

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Fit to be Tied


I'd only known B. For three weeks...We'd only gone out 3 times, but wow...We were in the fast lane! Meeting someone online sometimes makes it easier to open up, at least that's how it seems to me. It was during one of our chats that she meantioned a fantasy about rough sex. She'd had a little experience with it and it turned her on. I'll admit I hadn't done much more than smack a girl's ass myself...But the thought of her getting turned on was enough to turn me on. Like most things, when I get interested in something I turn to the Internet to educate myself, and wow...If the Interenet can teach anything it's sex. After learning a few technical details (how to tie knots, basic safety, etc.) and reading a few stories, I decided to give B. A thrill.

We were going to meet for another date, I told her to meet me at a local store halfway between our homes. A few minutes before she got there I phoned her cell and asked her if she wanted to play a game. She sounded a little excited and nervous when she said, "Sure." When she pulled up next to me where I was parked a bit away from the store. After a hello kiss I told her to look at something in the back of my car...When she stuck her head in I pushed her face down and told her "Ok bitch, we're gonna have some fun." I told her to lay face down and not to move, not even lift her head or I'd punish her for it. I got into my car and started driving to my house. Along the way I stopped at a "specialty" store and got out. I opened the rear door and told her not to move, that I would be watching, then I went into the store. A few minutes later I came out with my purchases in a plain bag and got back in the car. She hadn't moved a bit. I told her once again to keep her head down and her eyes closed.

She had never been to my house before and she didn't know we were going there now. I could almost smell her excitement and a little fear. I reached back and squeeze her leg roughly and she jerked...Then spread her legs slightly. When we got to my house I had her sit up, warning her to keep her eyes closed...And I put a blindfold on her. I think pulled her from the car and guided her into the house. As soon as the door was closed I shoved her roughly into the wall and pressed against her from behind. I told her she was in an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere, with nobody to hear her screams except me. She was mine and if she ever wanted to leave, she damn well better make me happy. I pushed her down the hall into a mostly empty bedroom. Nothing in there but a bare matress on a box spring and an electric fan blowing the hot muggy air around the room. Again I slammed her face first into the wall, forcefully but not *quite* painfully. Grabbing her by the hair I started wispering loudly in her ear all kinds of threats in a voice quite different from my normal one. Forcing her hands above her head I quickly bound them at the wrist with some rope I'd bought earlier. This is where my research had paid off...Learning to bound a persons quickly and effectively without cutting off circulation. I attached a second rope to her binds and dragged her over to the bathroom door. Running the second rope over the door I hauled her arms above her head and tied it to the knob on the other side of the door, then closed it. She was now blindfolded with her harms fully extended over her head and helpless. I reach down and roughly yanked her pants down and off. She was so excited I could smell her sex. I roughly removed the rest of her cloths until she was naked and helplessly exposed. I forced her legs apart and felt between her legs and she was indeed very wet. I accused her of liking this treatment, I asked if she was a whore and a slut. She tried to answer in a whispering voice but I slammed her back with my hand around her throat. "If I ask you a question you will ANSWER me!" She was gasping and wiggling. I leaned close to her and growled at her, "I asked you if you were a whore?" "Yes!" she choked out. "And you LIKE being treated like this, don't you?!" "YES!" she moaned. "What's your name slut?" I snapped and she paused a fraction of a second before saying somewhat timidly, "Whatever you say it is..." I was grinning because I knew she was fulling into the Game now, but I kept it out of my voice as I said, "You're DAMN RIGHT it's whatever I say! And what is my name?" "I don't know" she whispered. My right hand flashed out and the sound of it slapping her cheek seemed to echo in the bare room. Her head rocked to the side and her cheeks flushed red as she half gasped and half moaned. I hesitated for just a second; I hadn't been sure I could go that far and was almost as surprised as she was, but I knew I was committed. "What did I say about not speaking up!?" I said in a hard voice. "I'm sorry!" she gasped. I slapped her again. "'I'm sorry, Sir'!" She whimpered, "I'm sorry...Sir." I roughly grabbed her crotch again and she was positively dripping. Her legs closed automatically around my hand. I slapped her across the other cheek and then grabbed her face, my fingers still slick with her juices, "I told you to keep your legs apart bitch!" Right then the knot holding her arms above her head came loose and her arms, still tied, came down. "And look what you did to my goddamn rope! I'm gonna tie you up by your fucking snatch!!"

Suddenly she started sobbing and half-choked out the "safe word" I'd told her on the phone. Not the one to ease up, but the emergency all stop. I immediately took my hands off her and reached for her blindfold. Tears were running down her face, her mascara a streaky ruin. "Ok, the game is over, it's all over." I said gently. She cried softly as I unbound her hands and lead her over to sit down on the bed. I made sure I didn't touch her too much and I kept my voice calm and soft. She kept trying to appologize saying how silly she was being, but I told her to just take a second, just breath. After a few minutes she was more composed. She covered herself somewhat and we talked about the "scene". She had gotten really into the game, and even though she was incredibly turned on, when the rope came down she was afraid I was going to punish her for it. Just that quickly the excitement had turned from stimulating fear to terror and the game had gotten TOO real. I spent several minutes talking to her, telling her that I'd read that was natural and she shouldn't feel upset about "ruining the game". "It was for fun" I said, "and if you weren't having fun anymore, then why would I want to play?" We spent the next several hours talking and having more conventional sex. When I thought she was recovered when I gave her the "presents" I had been saving for the game: A dog collar and ball gag. I left her hands free and put both of them on her...And proceeded to give her one of her most explosive orgasms to date.

I still don't really understand all of the appeal domination has for her, especially as she's as much a neophyte as I am...But I DO know that whatever gives her so much pleasure is something I want to know how to do, and do well!


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