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Story Info

Posting Date 2007-09-24 21:39:42
Author tfreitas
Title Big Blue and Reds Bitch.
Category was involved in a wild/crazy bet
Where it happend Friends house
Age then 14
Age now 26
Gender MALE
Viewed 187
Story Length 5470

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Big Blue and Reds Bitch.


My name is Andrew, but everyone calls me Drew. I’m 14 years old, 5’3”, 125 lbs, and I have blond buzz cut hair and blue eyes. Most people say I look cute, even the girls my own age, probably because I look like am at least 2 years younger than I am. I’m pretty fit from playing league soccer, but I still have a little baby fat around my stomach, or I guess I should say I don’t have a six pack like some of the other guys on my soccer team. Anyway, here’s how I became Big Blue and Red’s bitch.

It was the last day of school and my friends and I were all pumped up about the upcoming evening, which was to be our graduation from Junior high. I was sitting with my best friend Chris, and our friends Jeff, Toby and Justin, talking about what we would be doing this summer and how cool it will be when we start high school. Justin said that his family was throwing a graduation party for him on Saturday and that we were all invited for hamburgers and swimming. He also mentioned that if we wanted we could spend the night.

The graduation went well and rolled right into the weekend where we all met up at Justin’s house. Now I guess I should take a minute to describe the group, Chris is my best friend, and we have been since kindergarten, probably because he was a lot like me, he’s a little taller with short brown hair, brown eyes, and in great shape, he plays almost every sport and plays them well. Jeff, on the other hand was tall, almost 6’ with reddish brown hair, and brown eyes as well, but skinny. Toby, on the other hand looked like a freak next to me, even at 14 he was 6’1 and probably close to 250 lbs, he had blond hair and huge legs, I tried wrestling him once for fun, and couldn’t even get my arms around one leg, he won just in case you’re wondering. And last but not least was Justin, every girl at our school wanted him and his current girl friend was one year older and already in high school. Justin was 5’7” 160 lbs or so, in awesome shape and had perfect brown hair that looked combed at all times. He was a good friend, but you always felt like at any minute he was going to ditch you for something better.

We all got to Justin’s house around noon and were having a good time eating burgers and bullshitting about how the girls looked during graduation. Justin’s House was awesome, he lived at the top of a hill, and his house over looked the city below. Justin said we should go and get our swim shorts on, so we all ran to his room where our bags were at. Now I thought we would use the restroom at the end of the hall to change one at a time, but without any hesitation Justin starts removing his clothes and looking for a pair of swim trunks. I have to be honest this scared the shit out of me, at our junior high we never had to shower during PE. With that said, I had never seen anyone else naked before, and I was afraid my little dick would be, just that, little. Well my fears were confirmed, Justin stripped naked quickly and I got a perfect shot of his ass, and then he turned around and I saw my first ever real life cock, that wasn’t attached to me, and holly shit it was big, it must have been at least four inches soft. I turned quickly so he wouldn’t see me staring and noticed I was the only one not changing. I quickly grabbed my swim suit and changed with my back to everyone. As I pulled down my shorts Justin snapped a towel on my ass, saying “Nice tighty whities Drewy”, which got a laugh out of everyone and caused me to turn three shades of red. I finished changing and we all grabbed our towels and ran to the pool.

We had a great time wrestling in the pool and doing the normal bullshit teen boys do. When we were done swimming Justin showed us the pool house which was for changing and showering. The pool house had patio furniture and a mini bar inside, it also had heat lamps in the ceiling, which Justin said felt great when he would swim at night, and had to make that cold run from the pool to the pool house. All of it was pretty cool.

As we were all drying off, Justin went on to show us through a window on the back wall that his dad had two large male chocolate Labrador dogs, “Big Blue & Red”, in a chain link dog run right behind the pool house. He said his dad raised them to be breeders, and that people would bring their female bitches over to get fucked. That’s when Justin said, “if where lucky maybe Drew will go into the dog run later and let us watch the dogs take his cherry”. Which I intern replied with the usual teenage response of “fuck you”, and we all laughed. As we finished drying off I couldn’t help but look out the window to see the two large dogs in the back. They were huge, with short chocolate brown hair, and gigantic paws. As I was staring, Justin walked up behind me and whispered in my ear and gently patted my butt, “Look how big their balls are, those could be filling your pretty little ass up tonight”. To which I spun around and pushed him, telling him he was sick fuck. He just laughed and said he was just kidding and that I couldn’t take a joke or some shit like that, but it really got me mad. I think what made me so mad was the feelings I was getting while he patted my ass, and I stared at those huge balls, I mean I wasn’t drooling or anything but I could feel my own cock stirring and starting to chub out. I calmed down a little bit, and we all headed to Justin’s room to hang out.

We were in his room for a little while talking and playing video games when his parents walked in and said they were leaving and wouldn’t be back until noon tomorrow, and that Justin’s older brother Ryan would be in charge until they got home. Now you could tell by the look of confusion on our faces that we had no idea Justin’s parents were leaving, I mean it was only 5 pm when they told us. We all turned to look at Justin, who had this huge cocky grin on his face like he new he had just raised another level in our little social ring, to which he had, as he said, “Yep the house is all ours boys”. Out of no where Toby picks me up in his excitement and starts swinging me around like he’s 3 years old again and I’m his favorite stuffed animal. We were all still just in our swim trunks, so having Toby press me into his huge bare chest was doing nothing for my already confused emotions. When he finally set me down, he asked Justin, “So what’s the plan”? To which Justin said, “Well I thought we would steal some of my dad’s beer and maybe watch some of brother’s porn and stuff, oh and if there’s time perhaps we’ll watch Drew get fucked”. Again with the jab at my expense which seemed to go un-noticed by the other guys.

The afternoon rolled into evening as we all swam some more and laid around talking about nothing important. After changing out of our wet swim suits, to which most of us changed into a tee shirt and nylon sport shorts, we ate dinner. Dinner was a pizza Ryan ordered for us. That’s when Chris suggested we play some poker, while we were playing Justin got us some beers from his dad’s fridge, which was a first for me, and from the looks of the way it was affecting the rest of the group, a first for them as well. Ryan, Justin’s older brother by 5 years, was nowhere to be found, which worked fine by us. We played late into the night in the pool house, warmed by the heat lamps. My luck was pretty impressive, as I won most of the hands. I was winning so much I started getting cocky and telling Justin that he should be embarrassed at how he was playing, and that he should quit while he was behind. This was probably the wrong move, because it made Justin mad. I’m not sure if it was because he was losing, which he hated more than anything, or because I was the one taunting him, but either way he decided to change the rules, “Ok hot stuff” Justin said, “the bet is this, the loser of the next game has to crawl from one end of the dog run to the other end and back NAKED!”,

I think you could have heard me gulp from my house. Jeff was the only one still playing and he quickly backed out of this game, I wish I could have done that, but instead everyone was looking at me to respond, to which I said, “hell no I’m not betting that”, but Justin wasn’t having it, “come on Drew you’ve been winning all night, and I know you want to get even with me for making fun of you today”. This in when Chris spoke up in my defense, “Dude that’s a crazy bet, no one would….”, but before he could finish what he was saying, something inside me switched from saying no to seeing Justin crawling on his hands and knees bare ass naked, and I said “YOUR ON!”

“Excellent”, Justin said, as he explained the game. It was to be one hand of five card draw, winner take all. Now, I was working off of 4 beers, but I suspect it was the rush of the game, and what was at stake that made me begin to tremble. Justin dealt the cards as everyone watched on in anticipation, I heard Chris say I was an idiot a couple of times, but I pushed it out of my head. The first round was pretty good I ended up with 2 Jack’s and three low cards, which I discarded. Justin dealt me three new cards and to my excitement I picked up another Jack. Justin on the other hand took only one card, and seemed pleased with his hand. I was still feeling pretty confident seeing as this was one of my better hands all evening, and I had been winning most of the games. Justin said, “On the count of three will throw down, ONE, TWO…..THREE!”

When I threw my cards down, everyone, including Justin smiled and said nice, but when we all looked at Justin’s hand, my smile left quickly, as I realized, as did everyone else, I was beat. Justin sitting across from me with his cocky grin again, had thrown down a flush. I could hear Chris say damn in the back ground, but all I could think about was how I was going to get out of this. As I started to speak, Justin stopped me before I even made a noise, “Don’t even try and back out of this, everyone heard you make the bet”. I knew he was right, hell Chris even tried to talk me out of it, but I had to try and come up with something, “I’m not crawling around out there in the dark”, it was 1am by now, “and I’m not taking a chance of putting my hands and knees in dog shit”. I thought this would work out well, if I had to wait until day light, his parents would be back, and there’s no way they would make me do it with the chance of his parents arriving. WRONG! Justin had answer for everything, “There’s lights out there on motion sensors, so we, I mean you can see everything, and as for your hands and knees in dog shit, you can put a pair of socks over your hands and on your feet, and I guess you’ll just have to be a big boy and not put your knee’s in shit”. I was floored, what could I say now? I looked at the other guys in desperation, but got nothing. Jeff went as far to remind me I made the bet. My last ditch effort was to put it back on them, “No one here want’s to see me naked”. I looked to Chris as my only savior, and Chris looked solemn, but said, “Come on Justin at least let him wear his underwear”? Which Justin got fired up about, “No way, the bet is naked, anyone can crawl across in there underwear, what’s embarrassing about that”? Even I understood that logic. I was sunk. Finally I said, “Ok let’s get this over with”…Easier said than done.

So there I was standing in only my tighty whities, I left my nylon shorts in the pool house, and a pair of white socks on my feet and hands, in front of a chain link fence dog run about 20 feet long. My nipples were rock hard from the cold and my skin was a new shade of white. Justin moved like he had this planned from the minute I got to his house. Big Blue and Red were jumping around the door clearly excited from all the attention. Justin suggested I put my hand to the fence and let the dogs smell me before I went in so they wouldn’t attack me, after saying this he snickered, and said “Don’t worry though, they’re going to be more interested in other things than biting you”. Which I think everyone caught on to what he meant. That’s when Justin slapped me on the ass and said, “Lets get the show on the road, or should I say, on your knees”. I slowly shucked my underwear and dropped to my knees. My dick was exceptionally small, at best an 1 ½”, do to the cold weather and the cold wet grass, when my knees landed on it. I could tell now, that except for Chris’s and the worried look on his face, it was going to happen and I was on my own, as Jeff, Toby and of course Justin started making cat calls about my little boy butt. Even though I had started getting hair in the usual places, my arm pits and crotch, it was blond and real short so it looked like I was as hairless as a baby boy.

Justin informed me I would have to be quick to get in once the door was open so the dogs wouldn’t get out, but I had no intention of taking my time. I took a deep breath, as if I was a swimmer trying to complete a lap without taking air. Justin opened the door and I was off, crawling on my hands and knees, wearing only the socks. The dogs were jumping all around me as I tried to ignore them, but it was getting harder as I moved through the cage and around the shit. Not taking the time to remember which one was which I had one of the dogs jumping around my head trying to lick me, while the other was sniffing my ass, and I was only a little more than half way across. By the time I reached the end, I new it was Big Blue who was behind me, by the way Justin was calling out for him to pop my boy cherry, and from all the excitement and yelling going on you’d think he understood, as Big Blue went from sniffing to licking at my ass. As I got to the end and was moving Red out of my way so I could turn Big Blue stayed right with me, or I should say right behind me, with his tongue right on my boy hole. I can’t say it didn’t have an effect, my cock was starting to get hard, and new everyone could see, especially after Toby announced it, “Holy shit guys he getting a hard-on”. After Toby said this I had completely turned around and was about to head back when I looked up to see the group. What I saw shocked the hell out of me, there along the side of the cage stood Justin with a video camera, taping this whole ordeal. I have no idea where he got it from, or when, but like I said, he seemed like he was prepared for this. I stopped to protest, which was the biggest mistake of my life. This gave Big Blue the perfect opportunity to take our new relationship to the next level.

As I was screaming at Justin, I felt Big Blue mount me. My attention went back to Blue and what his intentions were, as I was now screaming for him to get off me. I tried to stand, but since we were probably around the same weight, and I wasn’t strong enough. I thought about laying flat down on my stomach, but Blue had that plan snuffed out as well, with his big paws wrapped around my lower back and resting just above my hips and on my thighs, he had complete control. That’s when I felt something poke me in the ass, and really close to my virgin boy hole. I screamed for help, as I was afraid of where this was going. Chris tried to come in and help me, but again it seemed as Justin had expected this and put a lock on the cage door, no one was getting in or out. Jeff said loud enough for me to hear, “WOW, look at the size of Blue’s dick”. Right then Big Blue hit his mark and drove the tip of his cock into my hole. I screamed at the unwanted violation, as I felt my boy pussy losing the fight in keeping this monster out. The burning sensation was so bad all I could do was pant much like the dog that was taking my virginity and focus on not passing out. Justin said I could scream all I wanted as his house had no surrounding neighbors to hear me.

Big Blue was relentless in his goal to make me his bitch, the pain was immeasurable, from stretching the ring that protect my hole, his nails digging into my thighs, and my muscles as they tightened, especially my peach fuzz covered calves, as I was kicking and squirming. It felt as though Blue was trying to stuff his doggy dick into my lower belly, and he was. At what I can only assume was around 3-5 minutes into the worst moment of my life, Blue had succeeded in getting his whole dick, or what I thought was his whole dick, into me. I started to adjust to the pain, which went from a red hot poker, to a dull pressure induced pain. I swear every time Blue’s cock pulsed, I felt every vein, and couldn’t believe how warm and large his dick was. I was crying now as the embarrassment of what was happening hit me. Here I was naked with my hands and feet covered in white socks gripping at the wet grass, every time this large brown dog drove his cock as far as he could into my tight virgin hole. Justin said I should stop my crying because everyone could tell I was enjoying it, by how hard my dick was. I was aware my dick was at its full 5”s prior to Justin announcing it to the world, but I never thought it was because I was enjoying it, who would enjoy this? I was being raped in front of my friends by a dog, a dog that was using me for support, for pleasure, and for breeding, and it was all being video taped. Justin again interrupted my thought when he said, “If you think the pain is bad now wait till he ties with you and makes you his bitch”. I had no idea what he meant by “ties with me”, but it got me thinking about our earlier encounter at the window when Justin mentioned the large dog balls filling me full of cum, which I could feel every once in a while smacking my own boy balls. I don’t know how it happened, but in between my crying I let out a soft moan, as Blue kept pounding away. I could hear Justin telling the others that I must really like what’s happening to me to be moaning like that. At this point all I wanted was for this to end, but even I could tell the little moans that kept escaping from me were from pleasure. It was starting to feel really good every time Blue rubbed my prostate, so much so, I could tell my dick was leaking pre-cum., and although I new it would make matters worse, I wanted so badly to grab my dick and stroke it. However I was quickly snapped back into reality, and the fact that Blue didn’t care about my feelings, as I heard Chris say, “What the hell is that”, and I felt something large and round trying to enter my ass. The pain returned in a flash, and I was screaming again as the large round ball tried to enter my ass. It hurt so bad as Blues knot pushed its way past the lips of my boy hole. It stretched my hole so far I thought something was tearing. It actually felt good when my boy pussy locked in around his knot. Once again I had to adjust to the pain, I barely heard Justin say over my screaming, “That’s Blue’s knot, it’s what dogs use to tie to their bitches, it means he’s about to breed Drew, and really make him his bitch”. Now would have been a good time to die, but no such luck. As I felt Blue’s dick swell to an un-Godly size, and began squirting what felt like a warm baby lotion in to my doggy love hole. I was now Blue’s bitch and we both knew it.

He must have pumped ten good shots of puppy making juice into my little white ass, before he slowed down. Every time he would let a shot go he would whimper a little, as would I. His seed was helping the friction in my love tunnel, as it seemed we both were relaxing a little, that is everything except my love muscle which was feeling very neglected. This was the first time since yelling at Justin for video taping my rape that I look at them standing outside the cage, and again the sight caught me off guard, here was Jeff, Toby, and Justin with their shorts and underwear around their ankle stroking their hard teen cocks. I was staring at their hard dicks and noticed that while Chris didn’t have his shorts down like the rest of them, he was visibly rubbing his crotch. I too was about to start rubbing my own throbbing cock, when Blue through his leg over my ass and turned butt to butt. I could feel his doggy cock turn inside my hole and it made my dick jump, as I squeezed involuntarily with my hole. Justin stopped stroking his cock, which had to be over 7 inches, with his left hand as his right hand still worked the camera, and said “Damn, this is making great footage, look at how far his hole is stretched”. The whole time we were turned ass to ass, Blue kept trying to pull out, which would cause me to yelp. He finally stopped trying to pull free when I realized I was feeling something else, something, not entirely bad, something wet and cooling on my boy pussy. I looked back to see what it was, and saw Red licking at my hole to get at the cum that was leaking out. In all the commotion, I had completely forgotten about Red.

Justin as if reading my thoughts said, “You didn’t forget about Red did you”? Red’s licking must have made me relax enough, because all of sudden Blue’s cock slipped out making a wet sloppy popping noise. I took a deep breath of relief as I thought the whole ordeal was over. I was about to stand letting my tight muscles stretch when I felt Red mount me. I screamed again, but not as loud as with Blue, I yelled at Justin to help me saying, “You got what you wanted, get Red off me……PLEASE!.....OH GOD…..NOT AGAIN…….OH FUCK!......PLEASE! I was begging now because I new it would be any second now that Red would drive it home. Chris was again my only ally, and said, “Come on dude, stop this and let me go in there and get him out”.
Justin just looked at Chris as if with disgust, and said, “The bet was from one end to the other”, as if it was just that easy.

Red got his dick lined up and drove it into my abused hole, causing me to cringe. Oh God here we go again, I thought. There was just no way I could take another rapping like the one I just took. But to my surprise this time it didn’t seem to hurt nearly as bad. Blue opened me up more than I thought, or Red wasn’t as big as Blue in the cock department. The pain I was preparing for wasn’t there. Instead I was moaning again as Red used Blue’s love juice as lube and hit my button on repeated jabs. That’s when I stopped caring who was watching and switched into what I can only describe as Blue and Red’s lustful bitch. I yelled out, “OH FUCK ME RED, FUCK ME HARD, shit yes, Oh GOD! FUCK ME! I even stared pushing back with my ass to drive as much of Red’s dick into me. I heard Jeff scream, “Oh Shit”, as I looked and he was cumming all over the fence. His dick fit him well, it was probably 6 inches, but skinny. Toby was soon to follow, with his short fat cock, looking only a little longer than mine, but as thick as my wrist and shooting his baby making juice all over the fence, with the occasional load sneaking through the chain link fence and landing a few feet away from me. Justin and Chris were still stroking their cocks, with Chris now in his boxer briefs, and Justin still working the video camera.

Red was jumping off the ground trying to feed me his cock, as he slammed his doggy knot into his bitch’s pussy, I moaned when it went in. My own cock was slapping my belly every time he lunged forward. I felt my little balls suck up tight as Red push me over the edge and I yelled “Ohhhhh Fuuuck”, as I came all over the grass, with what could easily be the biggest and best load of cum my young fuck pole had ever shot. As I was cumming, my pussy clamped down on Red’s slimy dick, which caused him to fill me with his precious load. I now had so much doggy seed in me that it was running out my hole and down my legs in streams.

Red turned like Blue did earlier so we were ass to ass, but it didn’t last long, my pussy was so stretched out that his knot along with a lot of doggy cum came out easily. This time my head was clear and without hesitation, I began crawling once again to get out of the dog run. I don’t think I needed to crawl as fast as I did, because both dogs seemed happy and content with their needs fulfilled, and their bitch successfully bread.

I reached the end of the dog run and stood up, finding my modesty again, I covered my crotch area with my hands, still cover by the filthy white socks. Justin walked over and undid the lock, and let me out. As I took off the socks on my hands and pulled up my underwear, which was on the ground where I took them off, Justin said, “That’s a good idea bitch, we don’t want you leaking cum out of your pussy before you make it to he shower”. He spoke these words so matter of factly and without emotion. I normally would have shot back at him with some sort of stern comment in my defense, I now found myself lowering my head and taking it.

In the pool house bathroom, I looked at myself in the mirror, and took an inventory of the abuse I just went through. I had a series of red welts on my thighs from the dog’s nails, even some dried blood where their nails dug deep. My upper body glistened with sweat, my dick hung lower than it normally does, as if saying it too was tired and my ass still had a sting to it. When I stepped into the shower, I found some relief as the water washed off the remnants of the evening’s event. I dried off and put my shirt and shorts back on, leaving my socks and underwear off because of their newly acquired stains. I dreaded opening the door and walking back into the room knowing everyone was in there.

As I stepped into the room I saw everyone watching a porn tape, which Justin no doubt got from his brother, and I felt some relief as they all seemed preoccupied. Chris saw me come out and walked over to me, with an obvious bulge in his shorts, and asked, “Are you ok”, as he put his are around my shoulders. I looked at him and just shook my head yes, when really all I wanted to do was burry my head in his chest and cry. Chris returned to his chair and continued watching the porn, which had a huge breasted chick giving head on some dude. Justin walked up to me while I sat down behind the others, trying to avoid any conversation by making my presence known. He leaned in to talk to me, which made me look at the floor in preparation of the ridiculing filth I was sure to hear, when He said, “Dude you ok? I can’t believe what happened out their, I think it’s really cool that you honored the bet”. I looked up at him in shock at his words, thinking this maybe ok after all if Justin was acting like this after what just happened. I look at him and said the only thing I could think to say, “Thanks”. Justin said, “No problem”, as he extended his hand for me to shake, which I took, as he leaned in even closer to my ear and whispered, “We can talk tomorrow morning about what you and your special pussy can do for me, to keep me from showing anyone my new porn video”.

My Chin dropped as the words sank in. Justin turned and walked back to the other guys and joined them. I was left with my thoughts as I remembered the dogs fucking me and the new thought of Justin joining them. My dick woke up, and started getting hard, as I new then and there that Red’s dick would not be the last to enter my new found boy pussy, but that I was just beginning the road of becoming Big Blue, Red and now Justin’s BITCH.


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