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Story Info

Posting Date 2006-10-10 13:46:23
Author deekay
Title My first Mistress
Category tried Sado/Masochism
Where it happend Yorkshire, england
Age then 48
Age now 48
Gender MALE
Viewed 54
Story Length 1493

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My first Mistress


It was with a lot of trepidation that I eventually booked a session with Mistress Tania, my first experience with a Mistress.
Let me give you a brief background to this story. I was in Yorkshire on business for a couple of nights and looking for some fun. I'm a married bisexual guy with very little bi experience, my only adult experience was a couple of years ago. It was in the e-mail lead up to that meeting that I stumbled on my submissive side, I'm not at all sub in my "normal" life. I found I love to be humiliated and "ordered" or forced to do things.

My bi meeting friend phoned me from outside the hotel and ordered me to wait naked and on my knees just inside my room door. When he arrived he opened the unlocked door, stepped inside and pushed his cock into my face, ordering me to suck him hard. The excitement was made all the more powerful by him keeping the door partly open; we could also hear people talking in the corridor for some of the time. I was so turned on by this I just did everything he told me to do and I loved every minute of it.
When I saw the Mistress' website I knew that I wanted to be humiliated and experience those same feelings again.

I eventually phoned her and she immediately put me at ease. I booked for Mistress to come to my hotel in the evening and although the day went slowly, the time eventually arrived. Mistress Tania is lovely and exactly as she describes herself, slim and very sexy. I’d asked if she could video our meeting and Mistress agreed to do that, the video should be on her website soon I hope.

In my room Mistress asked if I’d brought anything with me, I told her I’d brought my dildo and she asked if I’d brought anything else. I said that I was wearing my stockings and panties and she told me to strip and show her. Even this simple act was a humiliation in itself but a very real turn on as well. I was then told to kneel in front of Mistress as she sat on the side of the bed. I was so nervous and my heart was racing but Mistress calmed me down as I grew into the scenario. She asked me about my bi meeting and whether he had fucked me, he hadn’t and I’ve never experienced that but Mistress knew I wanted to. I was already turned on and my cock was poking out of the top of my little crotch less panties. Mistress stroked it gently and told me she had one rule which was that her slaves never cum until she says so. I was dripping and close already, how could I stop myself.

Mistress now explained that I had to have a new name and that mine was to be Andrea. She told me I was a little slut for sucking my friends cock and I had to tell her I was a dirty little slut, over and over again.
Mistress then asked me what two things would I most like to try, my reply was to be fucked with the strap on and for Mistress to sit on my face. All the while she was stroking my hard cock and I was desperately trying not to cum and I was repeating back to the Mistress that I was a dirty little slut.

Mistress wanted to set up the video recorder and I was in the way so I was made to stand in front of and facing the long wall mirror. Then Mistress told me to get my dildo! I was made to kneel by the bed and then pushed forward. The next thing I felt was the dildo entering me, Mistress said I was a good slut and took it well. Mistress left me like that while she put on her strap on cock because very soon the dildo was replaced my Mistress’ blackboy and I was being fucked for the first time. It started gently but I was soon being slammed into the bed, like the dirty little slut I am. Mistress was enjoying herself and using me as I should be used. I could see my semi hard cock and it was pouring pre cum, what a turn on as I relaxed and thrust back at the Mistress. After a few minutes of this pounding I was just collapsed over the bed being used by the Mistress. When she stopped I had just about given in, she had used me and broken me, I was now hers to be used and abused if she wanted.
She said sternly, “lay on your back on the bed”; I did as I was told. Mistress said “it’s time for you to pleasure me you slut” as she climbed above me and sat on my face with her beautiful pussy, her panties pulled to one side. I got on with my duty enjoying the taste of Mistress’ wonderful pussy. Mistress has beautiful big lips and I really enjoyed them with my lips and tongue. Then came my problems, Mistress told me I had until the count of ten to make her cum or else I would be punished. All the while she was wanking my hard cock and I was concentrating hard on not cumming while listening to her words and working hard with my tongue. At 9 I wasn’t doing well enough and she was going to put me in the corridor dressed only in panties and stockings. At 10 I had failed and thought I was going into the hotel corridor. Instead I was ordered to lie across the Mistress’ lap and spanked hard on my bare backside, my hard cock trapped between her thighs. The Mistress was not impressed with my tongue performance. The spanking was real and painful, the noise of Mistress’ hand on my cheeks was loud enough for the next room to hear and it all added to my sense of shame.

I was then given one more chance to redeem myself, this time I knew I had to make the Mistress cum or I would be in the corridor. My hands were restrained by being tied to the headboard with cord and I was at Mistress’ mercy. This time Mistress took her panties off and I really worked hard, pushing my tongue deep into her pussy and gently flicking away at her big clit. I licked everywhere, including the Mistress rosebud, I pushed my nose deep into her pussy and she began to enjoy me. She was sitting on my face with all her weight and her wet pussy was covering my nose and mouth. She was very wet and she made sure her juices were all over my face as she used it for her pleasure. The trouble was, Mistress was also wanking me close to cumming but I daren’t cum.
By the second count of 10 I had done well and Mistress was happy with my performance. Now she climbed off and told me to stand at the end of the bed. I now had the privilege of seeing the Mistress expose her breasts to me and lie back on the bed playing with her wonderful wet open pussy. Now I was told to wank in front of her but first I asked permission to kiss her pussy again, it looked so eatable. With Mistress playing with her big nipples and gently stroking her pussy, I wanked like the slut I am. Mistress said “cum in your hand you dirty slut”. I undid the tie side of my panties and stood naked but for stockings in front of this beautiful woman. It didn’t take long before I spurted long jets into my hand and over the bed, I couldn’t get all the cum in my hand though. Mistress then sternly ordered me to face the mirror and eat my cum, I licked some up but she ordered me to eat it all. Normally I can’t enjoy my own cum but this time I did, probably because I was so horny and it tasted sweet.
The last thing I was made to do was to wash her blackboy and my dildo. That’s my first session with a wonderful, sexy, kind but strict mistress. I can’t wait to do it again and next time I’ll try a few more of my fantasies.

A funny note to end on; I made up the cord hand bondage restraint in case we needed it. It was attached to the bed headboard in my room, the only problem is that I accidentally left it in the room when I left. Never mind, it’ll amuse somebody.


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