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Story Info

Posting Date 2006-09-10 15:24:55
Author kwood1
Title Stacie gets used
Category tried Sado/Masochism
Where it happend My apartment
Age then 19
Age now 28
Gender MALE
Viewed 89
Story Length 1825

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Stacie gets used


I had been dating Kelly for about 2 months. She had been one of my best friends in high school and for some reason or another we hooked up a couple months earlier and decided to have an exclusive relationship. In reality I was very horny and she was more than willing to give me as much sex as I wanted. However, she was starting to bore me. I had become tired of the relationship because she was very needy and emotionally immature. I had decided to break up with her but in some sort of sick way I wanted to get as much sex and experience as I could out of her before moving on. I really wanted to see how far I could push her and what I could get away with.

Stacie showed up at my apartment one afternoon unannounced. This was pretty common for her and it was one of the things that annoyed me about her. She was always around and always seemed to be demanding more attention. The best thing I can say about her is that she was beautiful. She stood about 5'8, had long blonde hair, a tiny waist, long legs, and about a C cup chest. She always seemed to be over dressed in a nice way. This day was She wearing full make up, a silk blouse, and a short mini skirt that barely covered here cute little ass.

When she saw me in the living room she hugged me and went on and on about how handsome I was and how much she loved being with me. While she was hugging me, I could feel her tits crushing against me and that coupled with the sweet smell of her shampoo and body lotion gave me an instant hard on. I had been working on a project for school when she came in. After a few minutes of hugging, kissing and small talk she left me to my work. She ended up laying on my sofa watching TV while I finished up.

When I did get to a stopping point in my work. Stacie was lying on the sofa with her hands behind her head looking like a model in a playboy spread as she watched a DVD. She seemed genuinely glad that I was finished and that I was going to spend some time with her. I sat down and we talked for a while.

I made some sort of comment about how stupid the DVD that was playing and jokingly grabbed the remote to turn it off. She laughed and tried to wrestle the remote back from me because she liked the movie. I held it above my head and loved the feel and smell of her soft, sweet body and silky blouse rolled over me as we wrestled around. This soon erupted into a tickle match. However, I was now much stronger than her and easily rolled on top of her and pinned her down. Then, as I looked down at her, I realized that although she was struggling she really seemed to be enjoying being restrained. I just stared at her and tightened my grip on her wrists that were pinned above her head and adjusted my knees over her waist. I had her completely helpless and she sensed it.

I started to kiss her neck and then I whispered in her ear "I'm going to do you... Just like I've always wanted to."

At this she started to struggle a little but it was clear that she didn't intend to get away. This turned me on even more.

I unbuttoned her silk blouse and revealed a blue lacy bra that accentuated her tanned and toned midsection. Her tits were freed with one snap at the front latch of her bra and they were spectacular. Perfect, firm and milky white in contrast to her stomach, with large brown nipples that sprang to attention in the cold air.

I wanted to test her limits. I got up and told her I would be right back. I walked to the closet and grabbed some duck tape. When I returned to her, I grabbed her by the hand and pulled her into my bed room. I told her to lay on my bed. I then restrained her hands with the tape. Each of her hands were securely taped to the headboard of the bed. I climbed on top of her and while I pawed and squeezed those luscious melons. She squirmed a little but didn't say anything. Those breasts were almost too big to fit inside my mouth but I sucked on them so roughly.

When I tried to reach my hand under her skirt as I sucked on neck (giving her a huge hickey) and squeezed her left boob she tried to squeeze her legs together in some sort of modest attempt to stop me. Without a minimal amount of struggle I managed to get her knees apart.

In an effort to scare her a little. I pulled out my hunting knife from the night stand next to the bed. Her blue eyes opened wide with a look of excitement and shock. I slowly ran the blade of the knife along her stomach and then her breasts. She seemed to enjoy this teasing. I started to wonder how freaky she really was. I knew she liked rough sex, but this was much kinkier than anything we had tried before.

I took my time slowly unzipping her skirt and sliding it down her long, perfect legs and onto the floor. Then I took out my digital camera. Once she saw the camera she pleaded for me not to take a picture of her like this. Her pleas only turned me on more. I shot several pictures of her clad only in a thong panties. She seemed nervous, her body was shaking as I slowly slid her panties off.

Her pussy was completely shaved. She had been been keeping it that way for me ever since we started dating. I rubbed my hand over her lips. As my fingers parted her lips I could feel how wet she was. She was dripping wet. This excited me even more. She was clearly enjoying this despite any struggling or protesting that she tried to make. I greedily thrust my head between her legs and ate her pussy. She squirmed and moaned as I licked her clit. I stopped just short of her impending orgasm. She wasn't happy with that and begged me to make her cum.

I didn't care what she wanted. I wanted my cock insider her. I slowly pushed the head of my cock into her. She was tight, but she was so wet that I slid right in without a lot of effort.

I fucked her missionary for awhile. But that just wasn't doing it for me or her. I used the knife to cut her hand free. Her hands remained taped together, but she was free from the headboard. I flipped her over onto her stomach. Then I put her onto her knees. I proceeded to fuck her from behind as I pawed at her dangling tits.

We had done doggy style sex many times. It seemed to be her favorite position. However, this time was rougher. I pulled her hair as I pounded her pussy from behind. I was really enjoying the view of her ass and the muffled sounds of her moans as I forced her head into the pillow.

I had always wanted to have anal sex with her, but I had been afraid that she would freak out if I suggested it. Well, I was feeling bold and her cute little ass hole looked very appealing.

I spit on my thumb and began to force it into her ass hole. She started to pull away but there was no where to go. She knew what was coming but I held her firmly. I pulled my cock out of her because I wanted to concentrate on her ass. I hadn't tried anal before, but I knew I was going to need some lube. I reached into my nightstand drawer and pulled a tube of lube. I squirted some lube on her anus and on my index finger. I started fingering her ass with one finger then two. She was motionless and silent the entire time. She just sat there with her face in the pillow and her ass in the air as I probed her virgin anus.

I told her I was going to fuck her ass. She popped her head up and told me she wasn't sure if she wanted to. She was afraid it would hurt. I told her I didn't care what she wanted and forced her head back into the pillow. I placed the head of my cock against her tiny star shaped anus. I slowly pushed it in. She turned her head and asked me to go slow because it hurt. I did just that. I slowly worked my cock all the way into her ass. I could't believe I was fucking her ass. The sight if my dick inside her ass hole was such a turn on that I nearly came right then. I managed to calm down. I was all the way inside her, but I remained motionless. Once the sensation of my pending orgasm subsided. I started to move my cock in and out as I fucked her ass.

I went back to pulling her hair and I even slapped her ass a few times as I started to fuck her harder. I asked her if she liked getting fucked in the ass. She wimpered that it hurt, but she loved having my cock insider her.

I whispered in her ear that I was going to cum in her. I did just that. I gave her a few hard strokes and I came right in her ass. I left my cock insider he for a moment as my orgasm faded. Then I slowly pulled out of her as she collapsed on the bed in the fetal position.

I went into the bathroom to clean myself up. When I finished I went back to the bedroom. I picker her up and carried her into the batheroom. I placed her in the bath tub. We ended up taking a bath together. She cleaner herself up and told me how happy she was that she could give her anal virginity to me. She babbled on and on about how much she loved me and how she would do anything for me.

I spent the next few months testing out just how much she was willing to do for me, but those are different stories. We didn't last much longer, but we did have quite a few sexual adventures before we parted ways.


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