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Story Info

Posting Date 2006-09-10 15:23:22
Author MeaghanM
Title Simulated Sex Brings Out The Truth
Category dumped a partner or got dumped
Where it happend School
Age then 20
Age now 23
Viewed 315
Story Length 1401

(25 votes / 211 points)

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Simulated Sex Brings Out The Truth


Because of my conservative upbringing, I was a late bloomer when it came to romance. I wasn't allowed to date a boy until I was 16 and, I think, due to the fear my parents instilled in me, didn't have my first sexual experience until I was 20. Once I started, I wasn't going to stop and I wanted to experience all that my girlfriends had talked about with their numerous male lovers. I think I almost accomplished that in the three years in which I have been sexually active. But one episode with my 2nd boyfriend in my first fall semester at college, may have altered my sexuality to a path I didn't plan to go.

Jeff was a artist/photography student at the university I attend. Throughout our relationship, we used photography as art, erotica and to enhance our lovemaking. Even though no one was ever mean, I can remember in high school being embarrassed to be in the shower after gym class because I felt the majority of girls had well developed bodies and breasts beyond my then 30A size. I can remember thinking how beautiful many of their bodies were and that I thought I would never be able to get the boys that were attracted to them. Jeff was the first person who made me feel comfortable with my body including my small chest and I loved him for it. Once I came to terms with my body, Jeff suggested an easy, legal way to make money was to model for university art classes. I remember, despite my new found comfort, how nervous I was the first time. The hardest part was just the initial removal of the bathrobe, but once that was off and the class started drawing, it was easy. I was actually more uncomfortable once I put the bathrobe back on. This led to me agreeing to do a photography shoot for a project that Jeff was completing for one of his classes. He asked if I would be willing to pose with a female classmate of his in what he termed "Simulated Eroticism". He stated that it would appear that the two of us were lovers when in actuality we didn't even need to touch. He told me it would really help him out and so I agreed. Melissa was his classmate and was truly beautiful and 2 years older than me. We started by going out to the arboretum and just took some pictures of Melissa and I walking together. Then we walked holding hands on a leaf covered path (so much for not needing to touch). Jeff asked us to embrace in a hug in a cluster of trees and, finally, asked us to sit on a blanket and look longingly into each others eyes. For "effect", Jeff asked Melissa to gently put her hand on my breast over my shirt. I had never a female touch me before and felt a little uncomfortable, but that was nothing to the uncomfortable feeling I felt when Melissa asked if it would be more effective if we kissed. I immediately said no, but Melissa acted a bit put off and said, "it's just a kiss. We don't need to use tongue". I don't know if it was intimidation or her logic, but I agreed and will admit that it was a nice kiss and not over-the edge. I further will admit that I now felt comfortable and somewhat trusting because she didn't do anything she said she wouldn't. This led to some pictures of us lying down and hugging and kissing on the blanket with Melissa's blouse open in a couple shots. I was starting to get into the spirit of being in front of the camera.

We left the arboretum and headed back to the house. Melissa had brought a duffle bag of clothes including some very sexy lingerie which, at the time, my wardrobe did not include. Melissa asked if we should get undressed and Jeff said that because it was going to be a "photo story" he wanted us to undress each other. With each shot of the camera, one more button was unbuttoned, one more snap was unsnapped, one more kiss was placed on skin, one more hook was unhooked and one more piece of clothing fell. We were at the point where we were both in just our panties when Melissa suggested I put on a sexier pair like a thong. When I embarassinly said I didn't have one and joked it off by saying that I didn't need a piece of string up my butt, she said, "Why don't you wear one of mine. I'll give you one I haven't worn." She went to her bag, reached in and pulled out a yellow thong and handed it to me. I now felt uncomfortable again knowing the expectation was to take off my undies and put Melissa's thong on with both of them watching. Without hesitation I did so and felt like they were both staring at my "goods". I then said, "What now" as if it didn't affect me and I was ready to go. Jeff said since I now had on a different pair of undies, it would be a good idea to get dressed again at least to the point of taking my pants off so that it didn't appear that the new panties magically appeared. Melissa and I put our pants back on and restarted. This time my new yellow thong was taken off by Melissa as she knelt over me and raised my legs in the air. Jeff took about 8 pictures of me holding that position while he snapped from different angles. This was the first time I felt aroused. That was, again, changed to a feeling of intimidation when I took off Melissa's panties and found that she was completely shaven. While I trimmed my bikini line, I had never shaved completely and felt very "un-hip". Despite this, the photography continued and we lied in bed together hugging and kissing which was a surprisingly pleasing event. The feeling of my bare skin against another woman's was more exciting than I had imagined, but I didn't want to let on that I was aroused. Without even intending it, I felt my mouth open during one of the kisses and felt our tongues meet. Jeff asked if we could hold that while he took several more pictures. While that was going on, Melissa was touching my body all over and found her way between my legs, but just with a soft brushing touch. Regardless of how softly she brushed she had to feel my wetness and the softness actually aroused me more. I don't know if she knew she was teasing me but in the next sequence of pictures, Melissa was to simulate oral sex on me. She did just that and, disappointinly, never touched me. That was all that Jeff said he needed and Melissa got up and said she was going to us the bathroom. Jeff Lied down on the bed with me and kissed me and said I was great. I told him that I couldn't wait for Melissa to leave so he could fuck me.

I reached in his pants and felt he was rock hard just as Melissa was exiting the bathroom. As I removed my hand, Jeff said maybe we could do it together. Melissa hopped on the bed just as I said, "what do you mean". Jeff didn't answer and I became very quiet. Melissa could feel my ire and stated she was going to leave. After she left Jeff said that he only suggested the threesome because it appeared that I was enjoying it. While he was accurate, I didn't consider myself a lesbian or even bi-sexual and so I was sure that I was imaging the sex part without imagining being with a woman. I was also sure that he had suggested it because it was something he wanted and not something he was doing for himself. I found out two days later that he and Melissa had been having sex for 10 months. That was the difficult day I broke up with Jeff.


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