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Story Info

Posting Date 2003-08-19 10:06:15
Author bern88
Title Being a slave
Category tried Sado/Masochism
Where it happend Dungeon
Age then 22
Age now 24
Gender MALE
Viewed 123
Story Length 1692

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Being a slave


"Have you been a good boy, pet?" his Mistress asked as he kneeled before Her. "No, Ma'am," he answered, his eyes on the floor, "I have not." She stepped closer too him, Her boots obstructing his view of the floor. "I see. And what has my little slut done that would displease Me?" She asked him. "I masturbated without Your permission, Ma'am." he said, his voice trembling. "I'm sorry. I was thinking about You and how sexy You are and the cock that You own became so hard that I had to touch it." She placed a frim hand on Her little one's head. "You had to touch it?" She asked. "No, Ma'am. I didn't have to touch. I'm sorry, Mistress. I'm very sorry," he said, nearly in tears by now. He could never hide anything from Her. She knew all. She would have known even if he didn't tell. "You're not sorry yet, boy, but you will be. Get up and take off your clothes."

"Yes, Ma'am," he answered, still staring at the floor. He rose to his feet and began to remove his clothes. As he stood nude before Her, he peeked up at Her just for a moment to see Her exquisite body and face. She wore short leather shorts and a leather tank top with leather high heeled thigh boots to match. She looked irrisistable. He would do anything She ordered him to do to make Her happy. "What are you looking at, boy?" He immediately lowered his eyes back to the floor. "I wanted to see my Mistress, Ma'am. You look beautiful as usual." She fimly grabbed his jaw and raised his face to look at Her. "Take a good look, slut, because this is the Woman who is going to make you pay for your sins. Now go get in your chair."

He hurried across the floor and took his seat in the chair where he knew he would be punished accordingly. She opened up Her cabinet and began to lay Her equipment out on the table. On the table was a restraint device for his cock and balls, a nine inch strapon dildo, lube, and a riding crop. She chose the cock ring first. His eyes were still down, staring into his own lap. She approached him and firmly grasped his cock. It was instantly hard in Her hand. She fasted the device around his balls and cock snuggly. "Guess what you're not going to do, My little pet?" She laughed Her seductive, wicked laugh as She asked. "You're not going to let me cum, Mistress." He answered in a soft voice. "That's right, boy. You came without My generous permission and Hell will freeze before you ever think of doing it again."

She reached for the lube and squeezed a generous amount over the head of his cock. The cold shock of it made him gasp. She very slowly began to stroke him. He moaned outloud from the loving touch of Her hand. She looked at him sharply and smacked him across his face. "Is this for your pleasure, bitch?" He winced from the pain and surprise of the smack. "No Ma'am." She grabbed his left hand and placed it on his cock. "Now stroke!" He slowly started to stroke his rock hard cock. It felt to good to him to stroke in front of the Woman that he worships. "Faster!" She ordered. He did as She ordered and stroked his cock with a furious speed. He wanted to moan so badly, but remembered the smack he just received for doing so. The pre-cum was dripping freely from his cock onto Her floor. "Dammit, slut! You're making a mess!" He took his other hand and wiped the drops from his cock with his finger and sucked his finger clean. "Good boy."

She walked across the other side of the room. "Look at me, boy." She ordered. He looked up just as She began to unzip Her shorts. She slid them down over Her lovely thighs and let them hit the floor. She wore silky black thong panties under Her shorts. Next, She unzipped Her top to expose Her firm little breasts. She knew how much pleasure he got from looking at Her body and it drove him insane not to touch Her. She took a seat in a nearby chair, directly in Her view and parted Her legs. He could see a small wet spot on Her panties. As She moved the crotch of Her panties aside, he began to stroke faster, his hand slamming down on his now tight, full balls. The long fingernail of Her index finger gently flicked Her clit. She slowly started to arouse Herself as She watched Her slave work his cock. Her fingers slid back and forth between Her wet opening and Her sensitive clit. She moaned so sweetly that he could feel himself on the edge of orgasm. He wanted to cum so bad watching Her play with Her pretty little shaved pussy. When She came, She let out such a beautiful noise that it nearly brought Her love-stricken slave to tears. He wanted Her in every way.

After She came, She stood and walked over to Her slave who was beginning to look tired and frustrated from the stroking. "How do you feel, little boy?" She asked with an evil grin. "I want to cum, Ma'am. I want to cum so badly. I'd do anything for my Mistress if She'd allow me to cum. Please, Ma'am, have mercy. I swear I'll never dishonor You again. Please, Mistress. I love You so much. I'll be a good boy from now on." She smiled down at Her boy as he furiously stroked his cock. "Are you begging me, whore?" Tears filled his eyes as he pleaded with Her once more. "Yes, Ma'am. I'm begging. The balls that You own are so tight and full of cum. Please let me cum. Please, my Beautiful Mistress."

He watched Her eyes as She looked back over at the table. He knew his Lady well by now and knew exactly what She had in mind next and it was not letting him cum. "Stand up and kneel on the chair," She ordered him. "Yes, Ma'am," he quickly answered. She took the riding crop from the table and he braced himself for the next phase of his training. The first swat stung so bad that he let out a small, sharp whimper. She continued to whip him until his ass cheeks were red and nearly blistered. She could hear him sobbing over the cracking of the riding crop. When She finally stopped, She walked around to his face. The tears flowed freely and he looked completely humilated. "Now, my little pet, have you learned your lesson? Have you learned that your little cock does not belong to you and that I own it?" She asked him in a low, firm voice. "Yes, Ma'am. It's Your cock and I will never touch it again without Your generous permission." She wiped his tears away and patted Her boy on the top of the head.

"Now you get My little cock hard again. Understand Me?" She reached for it again and once more, it was rock hard with Her touch. Her lovely breasts were near his face and it turned him on all the more. His cock stood straight out as She walked back to the table and grabbed Her strapon. She fastened it to Her body and lubed Her index and middle fingers. He braced himself for what he knew was going to be a vicious fucking. She slid Her fingers up inside of him, moving them around, lubing him well. He let out a soft sigh as She removed them, but he knew that was nothing compared to the pounding he was about to receive. With Her soft hands on his hips, She drove fiercely inside of him. "Oh my God, Mistress!" he cried out as he felt Her cock push deep into his ass. "Shush!" She said, reaching up and pulling his hair. She fucked him slowly at first, taking much pleasure in watching Her cock slide in and out of him. She wanted to take Her time with him, savoring every moment of his punishment. "Ma'am, may I please moan? Your cock feels so good inside me. I want to show my Mistress how good She makes me feel." She smiled and answered, "Yes, pet. Moan for your Lady. Show Me who owns this slutty little ass." As She moved faster inside of him, Her loving slut began to moan with sweet pleasure. He loves being owned by Her and needs Her guidence and dicipline. She pounded harder inside of him and his moaning turned to whimpering. "Please, Mistress, please let me cum. I've learned my lesson. I'll obey Your every command. I'll live my life just for You. I love you, Mistress. Please let me cum just for You!" he begged as She rammed Her cock deep in and out of his ass. She stopped moving but left her cock buried inside him. "So you think you've had enough?" He nodded, "Yes, Ma'am. I'll be a good boy from now on. I swear it!"

She pulled Her cock out of his ass and ordered him to sit. "Now you listen and you remember today well. You disobeyed a direct order from Me and you will never do that again." He nodded, his eyes back down on his lap. She removed the cock ring and then zipped up Her top. "Now you get dressed and you go. You will think of Me and what happens when you are bad everytime you sit down." He nodded again and quickly dressed and left her dungeon. It was weeks before She let him cum again and he never forgot the lesson he learned from Her that day.


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